Picture of How to create a cool boys bedroom that any age will love.

Here is my son's  bedroom I just finished decorating.

With a little imagination and trying out a few projects from “Instructables" I think it turned out quite well. My little boy thinks I’m the best mammy in the world for it.

I done two feature walls: "The car theme" and " Night sky mural" then added accessories or customised items and furniture in the room. My project has many different designs and crafts witch I will explain more as we go on.


You will also see how my first attempt at an “Instructables” project and see how it turned out ... looking forward to see everyone's feedback on that.


I think my Instructables project proves that you would be surprised at what you can do when you try!

I am not qualified and have no previous training in any of the crafts in this project. I just love a challenge and have a grate imagination for things, and of course "Research"! If you do your research and can follow instructions well then nothing is impossible even for a complete novice like me.


So please feel free to comment, chat, ask any questions or give suggestions as I would appreciate your feedback.

oldmicah3 years ago
It looks great! Where did you get he lamp?
shedevil74 (author) 3 years ago
Hi thanks for your comment there.
to be honest iv had that lamp for about 15 years believe it or not !!
but here is one links for you to try :-


Try e Bay as well;

I just typed " water bubble colour changing tube lamp" in to Google images,
and there where many different types there, some you can put fish in !
so hope i helped