You will need : - an innocent child

Step 1: Find Yourself an Innocent Child

make sure he/she's really smiley and cute

Step 2: Take Away the Child's Toys

check if it makes them sad. If it does, you're on the right track.

Step 3: Bore the Child to Death.

a textbook or non fictional story will do.

Step 4: Wear the Child Out.

they have to be really tired, check for dark circles under their eyes.

Step 5: Teach the Child How to Grin.

make sure it's a dirty grin, not a happy one.

Step 6: Make the Child Wear a Cape.

preferably a black one.

Step 7: Hand the Child a Weapon of Your Choice

a BBgun does the trick most of the time

Step 8: Give the Child a Loud Instrument.

I opted for a trumpet, but bagpipes work just as well.

Step 9: And There You Have It!

here we are, a force truly evil. It doesn't get any worse than this. Now go ahead and point your young apprentice to a nice old lady!
<p>d u m b </p>
But this is great thank you
That's a bugle
<p>Thank you so much. This also works if you replace the child with a bunny wabbit.</p>

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