Recently I have become obsessed with creating crafts from recycled objects. I needed a simple and cheap craft for a large group of children so I decided to see what I could make using recycled items that wouldn't look cheesy.
A box, a puzzle missing a few pieces and an old catalog were transformed into a pretty cool Christmas Tree ornament. They can be made for practically nothing and can be done by people of all ages.
I hope you enjoy making them as much as I do.

Step 1: Materials

Recycled Objects:
Box - I used a cardboard box that was too busted up to mail again.
Puzzle Pieces - I asked people on Freecycle to give me any 750-1000 piece puzzles that they knew were missing pieces. For this project I decided to use small puzzle pieces but if you wanted to create a similar wall hanging you could use bigger pieces.
Old Catalogs/Magazines - I had a lot of fun using busy pages (like plaid samples in a clothing catalog) but some solid spots are nice too. You REALLY do not need much.

Non- Recycled Items:
Ribbon/String - I guess this could be recycled but I didn't have any to "reuse"
Glue - White craft glue
Green Paint - I used spray paint because we were making a lot of ornaments and didn't want to hand paint them but if it was a smaller group of older kids I would have them sponge paint different shades of green on the pieces. Also if you are lucky enough to find a puzzle that is GREEN you can skip painting the pieces but the cardboard will still need to be painted.

Hole punch -
If you have one that captures the holes it makes this a much neater (as in cleaner because even without it the ornament is COOL).

Great idea :)<br>
Another project for odd puzzle pieces I did with my Children's Church class for Father's Day. <br>Have the kids paint the pieces the colors of their choice - glue them around a picture frame with their picture inside. Add a little note at the bottom that reads - &quot;Dad, you will always have a piece of my heart.&quot; Easy, cheap, the kids love making it and the Dad's love getting it.
This was cool! I really want to try the wreath thing, too!
I just heard back from my husband who was at the crafting event where they did these (I am away at my sister's baby shower). The trees were a complete hit with both the kids and the parents. I am thrilled about it.
NIce!<br />

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