Step 4: Filling in the patch

Now that you have a good clean circle, you can fill in the centre.

To start, work your way inwards with the back of your fingernail, to blend the edge further and ensure your patch doesn't end up lumpy.

We're going to fill in the centre with the same kneading technique - push down, and then smudge out with your nail. 

When you're done, use a dry and then soapy finger to smooth it all down and even out the sugru. 

TOP TIP: make the sugru very thin, this will make the patch nice and flexible. As a guide, one mini pack (5g) of sugru is enough to create one large patch (the size of a mug)
<p>Would make great grown-up garden knee padded pants....Hummmm, thinking I may have to try some Sugru to my do-it-myself arsenal; the wheels are turning! </p>
<p>Hi, yup, of course. Would love to hear how you get on:)</p><p>James</p>
<p>Can you use this on the inside of the pants instead?? I am wanting to make uniform pants virtually indestructible. </p>
I think I'll use this technique to reinforce the corners of cloth tote bags!
Could also waterproof the bottoms of bags, I bet!
What a clever idea!
That is too rad. I love it!!
thank you :)

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