Step 6: Finished Patch

Now just leave your patch to cure overnight, preferably hung up somewhere so it dries nice and flat. By morning you'll have your very own protective knee-pads.

TOP TIP: your pants will be machine washable :)
<p>Would make great grown-up garden knee padded pants....Hummmm, thinking I may have to try some Sugru to my do-it-myself arsenal; the wheels are turning! </p>
<p>Hi, yup, of course. Would love to hear how you get on:)</p><p>James</p>
<p>Can you use this on the inside of the pants instead?? I am wanting to make uniform pants virtually indestructible. </p>
I think I'll use this technique to reinforce the corners of cloth tote bags!
Could also waterproof the bottoms of bags, I bet!
What a clever idea!
That is too rad. I love it!!
thank you :)

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