Step 3: Third Step

This part we gonna do the bottom part of the dress.
  1. Fold the fabric and join the edges on the opposite side of the fabric.
  2. Pin it and sew
  3. Then sew the elastic for the waist.
To know how much fabric you need measure your waist line and add about 10 cm more. The width of the fabric measured half meter.
hi, just made that dress (with a few changes on the top... i used an old neckholder top)... but i must say, your instructions were very simple and easy to understand! thank you for all your nice ideas! :)
Hi! Love your videos. Just wondering, what is it that you use to mark the outline of the clothes? (It worked like a pencil.)
Fabric chalk or pencil. You can easily go to a local craft store and find one. :)
Oh. Okay, thanks. :)

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