How to Create a "secure" Password Protected USB





Introduction: How to Create a "secure" Password Protected USB

In these instructable I will teach you how to make a password protected USB to securely store your files. for example; these will be useful to transport files in your USB that you dont want other people to see or change. these will allso be useful if you want to send some files to somebody in the world by UPS or something like that.

Step 1: Step 1: Make It "secure"

First, go to applications, utilities and open disk utility.
Then, click on "new image" and type in whatever name you want to save it with.
make sure  its set in read/write and in AES 128 bit encriptation.
next, it will ask you for a password, type in your selected password and click "ok".

Step 2: Creation and Transfering

1. wait for it to be created.
2. you will end up with a file named "whateverunamedit".dmg.
3. plug in your USB.
4. simply drag the file into your USB and wait for it to be copyed.

Step 3: Done

done, your secure usb is now completed.
to unplug it you first need to unmount your file from the devices part or from the desktop.
the you just unmount your usb and you're set.

Step 4: Usage

to load your files to your secure usb you need to;
first, plug and open your usb.
then, open your .dmg file. it will ask you for your password so just type it in and you will see a new device (just like the usb) with the name of your  .dmg file.
next, open these device and copy your files in there.
to safely take it apart from your computer, repeat step 3.



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    I have Ubuntu does it works whit it?

    I know it does, but you need to install someting I still don't know the name of.
    sorry, I'll notify you when I know it.

    its called WINE ( something windows emulator or something)

    I think WINE is to run windows apps on mac, not mac on linux

    wine is a windows emulator for linux

    no dude, WINE is for windows apps on ubuntu, So lets say i want to use photoshop on ubuntu, i'd use WINE, Bootcamp is for windows on mac. . . . Yessir.

    WINE is also for windows on mac, I use it; BOOTCAMP is not an app, it's just a disk manager so you can create a partition of your disk to install windows without erasing your whole disk, I use it too.

    But if your trying to Ubuntu < Mac Apps, then I have no clue, sorry. Not even sure it exists, You could possibly try VMware Thinapp, but thats a hit and miss on a mac.

    yes it works woth 11.10 and 11.04

    Where to find Applications folder?