How to Create a Set (bluescreen)





Introduction: How to Create a Set (bluescreen)

Today I'm going to do a simple instuctable on how to set up a blue screen set.
This is incredibly simple and you don't need much at all to create one!

Step 1: Materials

All you need to make this simple set is
  • a blue cloth or blanket ( make sure this is a solid dark blue color, it will not work if there are different shades of blue! )
  • Pushpins to hang cloth or blanket on the wall (try to make them blue like your set)
  • a flat wall to pin the cloth or blanket onto
  • and a table to create your animation (if needed)

keep in mind that when making this animation, you cannot wear anything blue, when you edit the animation on the computer, anything blue will disappear and be filled in with your desired background for the set.

Step 2: Editing

To edit this video I used Adobe Premiere
Below are some simple steps for guidelines.  

Step 3: Final Product



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Thanks :) I tried to keep it short and sweet! Hope you have fun creating your own :)!

Haha, the video was awesome.
Good and simple Instructable, I'm definitely going to have to try this soon once I get settled in my new apartment.