Picture of How to create a simple mask
Today I show you how to make a simple mask.  I made this with a laser at Techshop.  http://www.techshop.ws/.

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Step 1: Draw the face mask

I used Adobe Illustrator to create this mask.  I modeled it from a pair of glasses.  You could use an image from the internet of your favorite character and add it to a cutout of some glasses.
  I have attached a PDF and .ai file.  if you want to use this design.

Step 2: Cut out

Picture of cut out
I then cut this out of .115" Acrylic on a laser .

Step 3: Added handle

Picture of Added handle
I Then added a short piece of  1/4" dowel to the mask to hold against my face.  I am now ready for my next masquerade ball.

On my next one I may add some sides to go over the ears like glasses.  I hope you like it.  I made this at techshop Chandler.   http://www.techshop.ws/