In this instructable, I'll show you how to make a simple rope dog toy using two Matthew Walker knots. Many rope toys you can get at the pet store consist of a rope with two overhand knots in it. The Matthew Walker knot is much more symmetrical and less likely to come untied. With three strand rope, the Matthew Walker knot makes a great stopper knot which prevents the rope from unraveling. I'll be using this knot in other dog toy instructables, so follow me to see more!

Step 1: Get some rope

I always use cotton rope for my dog toys. It's all natural and isn't a big deal if your dog swallows pieces of it. I get my rope from both Knot and Rope Supply and Amazon. Knot and Rope Supply sells cotton rope by the foot in a number of different sizes: http://knotandrope.com/store/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=6

I also have ordered spools of rope from Koch on Amazon: http://amzn.to/15MFPY3

You'll want to get the right size rope for your dog. A 1/2"-3/4" rope would be suitable for a little dog, while 1.5" rope works for very large dogs.
<p>Ace Approved! I was looking for a way to make rope toys without paying pet store prices. I used 3' of 3/4&quot; rope and an extra overhand knot in the middle to spice it up. Total cost $6 but I could have saved more buying rope in bulk. Still less than a store bought rope toy. Thank you for the article.</p>
<p>Well sad news.....after all that, the one lasted about 15 minutes before my dog ripped one of the knots apart at one end...all strings all over including in her teeth! </p><p>Good idea, but not for Wire Fox Terriers I guess...</p>
<p>Try it with paracord...</p>
<p>It would be helpful to know how much rope (in feet) is needed to make a toy for a medium size dog. </p>
If you're tying this toy with 3/4&quot; rope, I'd recommend about 2.5 feet of rope. You'll want 8-9 inches per knot and however much more you want between the knots.
<p>Thanks for the quick reply! I have 2 Wire Fox terriers, they are about 20-25 pounds I was thinking maybe the 1 inch rope? So maybe get 3 feet for each toy? or would that be too large? </p>
Yeah, with 1&quot; you'd want to go a little longer, so 3' might be good. For a 20-25 pound dog, I think 3/4&quot; would suffice. My dog is about 50 pounds and most of her toys are 3/4&quot;.
<p>Thanks, I will go with the 3/4 and buy 6 feet to make 2 toys. :)</p>
<p>Got my rope delivered, got through steps 1 &amp; 2, but cannot do the knot itself. Too difficult to make out how it is going around and through the other loops etc. I guess I will have to Google and see if there is an easier demo of the know somewhere else. :(</p>
<p>I just recorded a video. I hope this helps! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB4PaTIXvLk&amp;feature=youtu.be</p>
<p>This helped a lot! It was easier to watch it, and being able to &quot;pause&quot; along the way. I completed 2 of them...not as pretty as yours, but I think it will get easier the more I do it! </p>
<p>How many ft. of rope is needed to make this toy? Thanks!</p>
Wow this is awesome. Is it a good idea to spray paint mine?
If you're giving it to a dog then I'd say no. I wouldn't want my dog eating paint!

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