Introduction: How to Create an Airsoft Team "with Member Help"

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Instuctions of how to create an Airsoft Team with proper materials... Notice: Images are from

Step 1: Team Players

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Find at least 7-10 Players Per Team, I'll explain later about why... The players should be nearby players who arn't afraid to get shot or to shoot, you will have problems with people that have something like ADHD with no Meds could cause you the war or battle... Players who are interested with other common activities could make then leave a battle or practice, so that will add 3 more players...

Step 2: Your Team Needs PRACTICE

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Make a Schedule for your team... a 10 min. Morning Run with your team once a week, 1 hr. Workout 1 time a week, 1 hr. Weapon Training* 3 times a week, and a Team Match.

*Notice: While Shooting WALK AND MOVE AROUND, Lean over cover, Etc.
**Notice: Weapon Training is traing of -Gas Sniper Rifles
-Gas Rifles
-Gas Pistols
-Gas Shotguns
-Electric Sniper Rifles
-Electric Rifles
-Electric Pistols
-Electric Shotguns
-Spring Sniper Rifles
-Spring Rifles
-Spring Pistols
-Spring Shotguns
-Artillary "Granades, Granade Lunchers, Morters, Etc."
-Mini Guns "Aka. Mg47 not Ak47 mini"

Step 3: Team Customization

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Have your "Dedicated Airsoft players"(Players who play airsoft more than other activities) get Camo, Guns*, and Gear. The "Dedicated Players" will be starting in a higher rank(I'll Explain in the next step)and be the leaders or captain of a Squad (I'll explain in the 5th step).

Step 4: Ranks

Picture of Ranks

New Players who just got a gun are privates
Experienced Players are officers and Start as a Sargent

My team is Marine (We Play Land, Water, and Air"Artillary")

Marine Ranking

Kills Column Class Column
(Career "Total" kills to Rank Up)
0 Private
1 Private 1st Class
3 Lance Corporal
4 Corporal
6 Sergeant
7 Staff Sergeant
8 Gunnery Sergeant
9 First Sergeant
or Master Sargeant
10 Sergeant Major
or Master Gunnery Sergeant
11 Sergeant Major of Marine Corps
13 Warrant Officer
14 Chief Warrant Officer
16 2nd Lieutenant
17 1st Lieutenant
19 Captain
21 Major
23 Lieutenant Colonel
24 Colonel
26 Brigadier General
27 Major General
28 Lieutenant General
29 Commandant of Marine Corps
or General
30 You Earn A Yellow Star Pinned on your gear to prove you prestiged and you restart back to Private with a new gun partly paid by your team. Star Can be found at a local Walmart or Craft Store

Step 5: Squad or Team Groups

Picture of Squad or Team Groups

Sniper Squad (2-3 People): Snipers With Ghilie Suti or Great Camo Often Used for Retreval Missions.
Support Squad (4-5 People): A Defensive and Offensive Squad often used For Backup or NightTime Lookout for Other players usually doing Night Assaults.
Assault Squad (5-7 People):The Main Group for Night or Day Missions
Total of (11-15 People)

Step 6: Claim Your Name

Picture of Claim Your Name

A Proper Airsoft Team has Similar Clothing
it Must Have -Squad Names
-Team Name
-Team Badge
-*Team Field "Pic Below"
-Player Nicknames
-Hand Signals
-And Equipment

*Seperate Battles should be a 1/2 a mile, and Repeated Day Matches like a 4 Day and Night Match or War SHOULD be 2-4 Miles with proper Equipment "Tents, Flashlights, Sleeping Bags, Food, Etc."

Step 7: Always Need Recruits

Picture of Always Need Recruits

Dont be afraid Guys if you gather Girls for your Team

Pic Below is from Photobucket so i dont know them... i wish... LOL my Business

Step 8: HAVE FUN

Picture of HAVE FUN


Play in any weather... Its OKAY


John T14 (author)2017-07-14

I would never have girls!

timypual9800 (author)2017-07-11

i hope i can join kids team

Jonathan331 (author)2016-04-13

okay my frand and i hope to mack a tem but how

CalebH8 (author)2015-09-16

Good tips.

willstab (author)2008-08-26

i've always wondered how i can i find airsoft competions or at least other teams to play against?

Sgt Niesen (author)willstab2011-04-13

Do you live near Sacramento California?

Infinitytea (author)Sgt Niesen2015-09-06

I live in Chula V

willstab (author)Sgt Niesen2011-04-15

wow that post was made 3 years ago lol, no i live on the complete opposite side of the US, i think im all set with finding teams and people to play against now and ive spent enough in airsoft to have bought a used car lmao

SAWAirsoft (author)willstab2012-10-19

The best way to find airsofters and teams is by googling an airsoft forum for your state. It allows you to keep up to the minute on local games and events.

machomario1 (author)willstab2009-03-21


I have a team anyone who want to be in it I am near the Southern Illinois Area. If you would like to join hit me up on facebook, I have military Experiance so the team will be pretty cool.

Where in southern Illinois? i live near the STL area

MaxD4 (author)2015-02-15

i will join any clan i live by park ridge ill chicago just started so i hope i can join and be a part of something and meet good people you can message me on kik or email kik is ogee_accent and email is Thx

schmooj (author)2014-03-17

How long should It take to reach General?

schmooj (author)2014-03-07

Where do you get a team badge from? do you make it or buy it like from Airsoft Gi?

gunshow (author)2013-11-07

im starting a team, but i need a name , any suggestions? ( and if you say lancers, or canon rangers im going to shoot you)

titanvince16 (author)2009-08-29

I've heard that you cannot play in the rain or snow with airsoft guns. Is that true or only with spring guns?

I have an M4 so I cover the battery and connector with a plastic bag. if the battery is in a stock you should be fine in the rain. and yes you can play in the snow since it is a solid

no my M4 its in the rails and its fine it was snow i burried it dug it up and shot it all day nothing happened
the way it is designed is made so it dont fk up its perfectly fine

LiftAndLove (author)titanvince162011-12-21

ELECTRIC-cover battery holder with duct tape
SPRING-I...I don't know, shouldn't be a prob
AIR/CO2-no need

Sgt Niesen (author)titanvince162011-04-13


MiracleAirsoft (author)2012-02-06

LOL.......I'm totally captain of an all girls airsoft team in Georgia. If you get a girl(s) on your team, they should be a little more terrifying then some teenybobbers with some toy shooting glasses and cheap pistols. (: Not trying to hate on young kids playing or anything, some girls on my team are only 14 years old. but intimdating all the same ^^

Led Man (author)MiracleAirsoft2012-02-11

realy haha im 14 you should see me play be goin all taliban on em haha random shooting and stuff cya you dont c me haha POOF you gone home made nades, trip mines i rambo it haha. and all i wear is my philly cap wit my shinyest chrome chain so it gives it away haha and a camo pants with a bright white hoodie haha. only part that is the worst is being capturerd haha shot twice back of knee caps haha who knew white boy could be so black ^^ sorry im like tiered and idk why im posting this thing ehh screw it AirSoft FTW ~Back Yard Comando~

jaddis2 (author)2011-11-27

how much i a field

wemert (author)2011-11-17

the only bad thing about me making an airsoft team is that there are no other teams at my location, all the other teams are 3 and a half hours away.

chickenbo8 (author)2011-06-29

Ok i say they automatically get immunity

UNKN()WN (author)2010-08-21

speaking of gunners, you want 2 peeps at least, so if someone wants to flank, asst. gunner can put them back in place with an assault rifle, a very good strategy to use, otherwise you can easily out flank a gunner

UNKN()WN (author)2010-08-19

this instructables great, all except for the golden star, i'm trying to get a team started, not much luck :(, anyways, thanks, this was a lot of help

JamesTB13 (author)2010-08-16

Really, prestige? COD FOR Airsoft? Also, there aren't any airsoft fields around here. And few of my friends have airsoft guns......I'm kinda screwed, aren't I?

streetkilla666 (author)2010-06-17

can same one holp me make a team

yeah, do you have friends that play airsoft near you? and you dont have to make one, you can just join a group at your local airsoft park

stg.badass (author)2010-07-19

yellow star if you prestiege? i heard from my dad it was if a soilder died in war they gave it to you or somthing like that.My dad was WRONG??!!1

nah bra, this is just for rec, shows your team and other people who is best on your team

Wolfeman (author)2009-04-15

It's over done. I can't get that much space were I live. Also I can't anybody to play with me or my friends.

chopstx (author)Wolfeman2009-06-30

i know. me too. i have nowhere to play!!!!!!!!!!!

stg.badass (author)chopstx2010-07-19

I use a hunting ground i hunt on with my 22. rifle to play on

YERFDUDE (author)chopstx2009-08-06


Wolfeman (author)YERFDUDE2009-08-09

Thx that really helps!!

haha look up Airsoft guns under 200 FPS. cause you can play in the basement without damaging the walls. its actually pretty fun

stg.badass (author)2010-07-19

Whats wrong with adhd i have it and i still win mostly adhd doesnt affect your performance just take the meds your doctor perscribed if you have one.

Pyro_Boy (author)2009-07-13

r the numbers how many ppl they have to kill

pretty much. you should discuss to your team how to split it up

bdboatr (author)2010-03-06

Nice instructable.  However, I would recommend that you look at the significance behind the "Gold Star" that you are using.  I am a 15 year veteran of two different branches of the Armed Forces and I'm still serving on Active Duty.  The Gold Star in the instructable is a "real-world" symbol for the parents of son or a daughter who has died or been killed while serving their country (one star per child, some flags have more than one star).  The USE of this symbolic flag is also covered under the United States Code (the law), which does does not authorize it's use for anything other than signifying the loss of a child serving their country.  So, next time you cheapen the symbol by using it in an Airsoft game or you see it in the window of someone's home, be reminded, that the individual displaying it in their window is mourning the loss of their son or daughter (someone TRULY BRAVE who more than likely took a REAL bullet, not a plastic BB).

haha so true man, this is just to keep kids playing a realistic game. no disrespect man

nscott53 (author)2009-09-19

do we have to have these exact numbers? or can we like customize them?

no you dont need exact team members. but something you might be interested in is a sniper team if you have low members. basicly 1 of everything, bolt action sniper and semi auto sniper, 1 or 2 machine gunners and whatever else you want

CapnTac (author)2008-11-25

Holy crap, if only they lived near me.

spartan 2209 (author)CapnTac2009-08-18

They are really cute, the one on the right looks like one of my recruits lol. recruits with benefits :) KEEP SHOOTING!

you have hot sisters man. ;)

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