This is my first tutorial teaching you how to make an automatic cobblestone generator.

Step 1: The Supplies

This is all that you will need to make the generator.
Nice texture pack. What is it? <br>(Just kidding) <br> <br>Seriously though, I like your design, but why two lava/Water? <br>Using your instructions I built it with 1 lava/water and a regular piston. <br>It still works, except when I get back to it after leaving it to generator for a few moments, I can reach 1 additional cobble block. (I sealed the top of the generator) <br> <br>Do two lava/water produce faster cobble? <br>I just like keeping things cheap where expense doesn't actually buy anything. <br>(I built this for the JuJucraft Skyblock server. An additional Lava bucket costs me around 20 stacks of wheat)
Good idea. I used to water and lava blocks + the sticky piston so that the 1st cobblestone could push the other; newer cobblestone out of the way. I guess when you think about it, your idea is more resourceful, but I just wanted to give a basic idea of how to build it. I encourage altering my ideas in such ways as you have.
What texture pack is that? <br>
I said the texture pack at the end. Its Boxcraft reloaded 1.5.0 <br>
Yeah what texture pack is that
I said the<strong> texture pack</strong> at the end. Its <strong>Boxcraft reloaded 1.5.0</strong>

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