Do you ever wondered to listen your favourite music while shredding the pow or owning the snowpark?
Well, now you can! without spending $$ on expensive aftermarket audio systems.

All you need is
-a Snowboard helmet (the best are the ones that are already suitable with integrated audio systems like Burton RED series and ProTec helmets)
-A pair of old/new (you choose) headphones, preferably with 40mm speakers. I used a pair of Skullcandy Lowrider
- scotch tape

So let's start Dude/Girl , or whatever you are!!

Step 1: Start by disassembling your headphones!!!

Just start by removing everything you can, in my case just the soft parts that cover the ears. The point is to reach screws or everything that let you complete disassemble the headphones, since these parts are 99% covered by protections to prevent that.
Its called K2 built in audio
<p>my k2 helmet didn't come with speakers that's actually why i looked into this</p>
im going to be doing this, but with Bluetooth ones. Thanks for the idea.
I just did this, thanks for the 'ible!
Me Gusta, indeed! And the instructable was clear, too. Well done!
I made something like this but i put a volume rocker/control mid-wire so i could control volume, calls, and tracks... overall nice ible
Looks like u have +8000 views and not a single comment? Wowza, I really like the idea and design. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for your interest :)

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