Step 4: make them more comfortable!!!

Since you have to keep these on your ears while you ride, you need to make them as comfortable as possible. I suggest you so re-use the soft ear covers that you removed previously in order to do that. These, for exemple, have a double task, in fact they also protect the weldings from snow or accidental shock.
Its called K2 built in audio
<p>my k2 helmet didn't come with speakers that's actually why i looked into this</p>
im going to be doing this, but with Bluetooth ones. Thanks for the idea.
I just did this, thanks for the 'ible!
Me Gusta, indeed! And the instructable was clear, too. Well done!
I made something like this but i put a volume rocker/control mid-wire so i could control volume, calls, and tracks... overall nice ible
Looks like u have +8000 views and not a single comment? Wowza, I really like the idea and design. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for your interest :)

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