The Nintendo Entertainment System had some pretty interesting accessories. From the depths of it's seemingly infinite library of licensed and non-licensed mechanisms, I've dug out this beast. When you lift it, you'll understand that "beast" is widely accurate. It is a beefy piece of equipment that allowed players to feel like they were at the arcade. It had enhanced playability through the use of Turbo, Turbo Control, and even a Slow Motion button.  

Like all Nintendo products, this one pretty much just refuses to die, but if it does, it is usually due to outside sources. If you have a broken one, GREAT! If not, you can pick one up at a local vintage game store, flea market, or even eBay for varying prices. 

This was my second prototype, and I am still using it to this day. It is an amazing little guy and everyone loves it. Everyone that owns one enjoys it and claim that it's lead to conversations that end up in good memories. How can you argue with that?

Seriously. How? We all love our childhood video game memories. Probably with an exception of a few games. Especially those terrible ones that you rented on Friday and were stuck with over the weekend. I'll never forgive LJN for that X-Men game!! NEVER! NEVER!!! I...


Ok. Sorry about that. I've employed Wheeljack, the Autobot Engineer to walk you guys through this so I can...um...go do research in the game room. 



Step 1: What you'll need!!

"Hello! I'm Wheeljack! Let's get right into this, shall we? As you can see, there is quite a few supplies you'll need. I've uplinked with Teletraan to Tag the images accordingly."

The joystick can be picked up off of eBay for a fairly cheap price, just watch out for the shipping. I suggest looking locally first. 
The Lampshade and Bottle Lamp Kit can be located at Lowes. You can also, of course find them online. 
The Krazyglue that is applied with a brush, is a must. There will be untold messes, I've not seen since the battle of Tyger Pax if not!
<p>Nice Instructable, I love these retro projects.</p><p>Oh, and by the way, </p><p></p><p><em>Somebody set up us the bomb.</em></p><p></p>
Love the transformer!
Very nice!
This is amazing. So glad your Autobot could help with the photoshoot!
I remember my brother and I always called it the NES Disadvantage
I was enjoining each picture with our special commentator :*** D<br>Autobots attack!
I'm glad! I wanted to hit he ground running right out of the gate. :)

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