There are many ways of making custom accessories to Lego minifigs. I will be talking about 3 different alternatives to create them.

1. Regular Lego minifig accessories-
This is just regular lego pieces put together no modifications at all.

2. Modification of Lego brand and non Lego brand parts-
This is the Modifications of Lego brand and non Lego brand pieces.

3. Also Custom sculpted clay accessories-
This is custom parts sculpted with clay for the minifig. 

Step 1: Items Needed.

daft punk FTW
<p>#Alive2017 BABY!</p>
I made a flame thrower too!!!!!!!
I wish i was as good as you ^_^
Me and a friend are making a stop-motion video of black ops zombies. We are so going to use this<br>
Kinda wish you wrote this back when I had the materials to make Lego stop-motion vids. It would have been cool to make GDI/Nod outfits or weapons for the videos.<br><br>Nicely done!
this pwns
wow should make a portal gun
I have been working on that but i'm keeping it under wraps.
Pretty great instructable. Another, but more expensive option is to have the custom pieces 3d printed from a service like Ponoko and a program like Google Sketchup.
Yeah. I would do that but sometimes it costs way too much!
My son uses shapelock.
Shape lock is great. Ive used it before but when it cured it was hard to carve details in with a Xacto Knife.

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