Introduction: How to Create Customized Lithopane by Using Customizer

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What is 3Dprinting lithopane? check this instructable Thanks to @amandaghassaei , now we can turn 2D picture into 3D lithopane by using customizer, online!

Step 1: Open in Customizer

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Find mona lisa lithopane made by makerbot on thingiverse, click “Open in Customizer”button.

Step 2: Choose Picture

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Click "Choose file" to upload a picture

Step 3: Invert Colors

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Click the invert colors checkbox.

Step 4: Choose Picture Shape

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Choose square picture shape, standard is 4:3 aspect ratio and HD Wide is 16:9.

Step 5: Create It

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Adjust the value of Layer height and Number of Layers to obtain the best results.

Click "create thing" button.

Step 6: Set a Name and Publish

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you'd better don't click on "publish new thing" checkbox if you don't want publish it to public.

Step 7: Check Progress

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Click "Go to my Queue"

Step 8: Wait for Completion

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Customizer will processing your project online.

Step 9: Done!

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Click "View Thing" button.

Step 10: Download & 3Dprint

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We can see "This thing is not yet public. You must publish this thing for everyone to see it"


Click “Download this Thing” button and download all files.

Now we get a STL file, print it as usual.


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-10-07

That's a really neat technique! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks :)

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