Step 8: Now for the twist!

Picture of Now for the twist!
Alright, let's intertwine those tentacles. If you look closely at one of the example images above you'll see that the tentacles appear to wrap around each other, or the tree's branches in the second example. To do this, create a layer at the bottom of all the other layers, I added a background layer and applied a gradient to it, if you have done the same, don't put this new layer behind the background layer. Now, unlock one of the tentacle layers and select a small chunk of the tentacle and cut and paste it in place on the new layer.

Number one shows the chunk I have selected, and number two shows the section pasted in the layer beneath everything.

Do this for everything, I made it so that there is a lot of interaction with the rifles, its up to you.

As you can see, I chose to have a tentacle go through the trigger hole, AND through the sight of another one.

Now, lets make some clouds.
Chrono867 years ago
There's gray pixels around the edges of the gun image, so when you try to wrap the tentacles behind the guns you see the gray pixels in between the tentacle and the gun. It's really messy looking. How did you make the transition look so smooth?