How to Create Portable App





Introduction: How to Create Portable App

What is a portable app? A portable application is a software that you can use on any computer and its running from usb,portable hdd,cd,dvd ...

Step 1: Downloading Programs

You will need :
Instalation of app that you want to make it portable

Step 2: Install Uniextract and Winrar

Step 3: Uniextract File

Right click your setup file and click “UniExtract here”

Open folder and find .exe file 

Run that .exe file and see if program works

Now select all files -> Right click -> Add to archive

Step 4: Archive Files

Archive name -> Name of your portable program 
Compression method -> Best
Archiving options -> Create SFX archive 

Now go to "Advanced" tab -> SFX Options

Run after extraction -> Put name of your program  .exe file (in my case its everest.exe)

Go to "Modes" tab  -> Unpack to temporary folder 
Silent mode -> Hide all 

Ok -> Ok

Step 5: Testing

Test it
Drag the application to your portable device
Now you can use it on any computer that you want



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    I got this when trying to create a portable app:

    Signature detected: Inno Setup Setup Data (5.5.0) (u)

    This is not directly supported, but i'll try to unpack it as version 5309

    ; Version detected: 5500 (Unicode)

    Unpacking failed. This version is not supported.

    What to do?

    Have you tried different version?

    Note though that the program runs in a TEMPORARY folder, so as soon as you have made any changes, game saves, etc.

    ALL the changes are GONE

    yeah but you can first run the app,make changes or save game and then archive it

    but that is a very annoying hassle!
    Imagine archiving a game you finished with it! Furthermore, some comuputers has a rule that when the temp folder is finished being in use eg, quitting a game, the temp folder deletes it before you can get to it.

    "Run that .exe file and see if program works"

    What happens if it doesn't?

    nothing happens but you need to uniextract other setup file