How to Create Portable App





Introduction: How to Create Portable App

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What is a portable app? A portable application is a software that you can use on any computer and its running from usb,portable hdd,cd,dvd ...

Step 1: Downloading Programs

You will need :
Instalation of app that you want to make it portable

Step 2: Install Uniextract and Winrar

Step 3: Uniextract File

Right click your setup file and click “UniExtract here”

Open folder and find .exe file 

Run that .exe file and see if program works

Now select all files -> Right click -> Add to archive

Step 4: Archive Files

Archive name -> Name of your portable program 
Compression method -> Best
Archiving options -> Create SFX archive 

Now go to "Advanced" tab -> SFX Options

Run after extraction -> Put name of your program  .exe file (in my case its everest.exe)

Go to "Modes" tab  -> Unpack to temporary folder 
Silent mode -> Hide all 

Ok -> Ok

Step 5: Testing

Test it
Drag the application to your portable device
Now you can use it on any computer that you want



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    One of the Best Portable Software to make your USB a swiss Knife
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    I got this when trying to create a portable app:

    Signature detected: Inno Setup Setup Data (5.5.0) (u)

    This is not directly supported, but i'll try to unpack it as version 5309

    ; Version detected: 5500 (Unicode)

    Unpacking failed. This version is not supported.

    What to do?

    1 reply

    Note though that the program runs in a TEMPORARY folder, so as soon as you have made any changes, game saves, etc.

    ALL the changes are GONE

    2 replies

    yeah but you can first run the app,make changes or save game and then archive it

    but that is a very annoying hassle!
    Imagine archiving a game you finished with it! Furthermore, some comuputers has a rule that when the temp folder is finished being in use eg, quitting a game, the temp folder deletes it before you can get to it.

    "Run that .exe file and see if program works"

    What happens if it doesn't?

    1 reply

    nothing happens but you need to uniextract other setup file