Picture of How to create simple bots for flash games
If you have ever played flash games, especially the free ones, they are often monotonous. Their repetitiveness is due to the fact that while making the game the author realized that the game may be too easy due to a lack of content so they add repetitive tasks.  For example if you have ever played games similar to dating sims when you are required to "sleep" to gain energy and etc.

This is as simple as writing a script to tell the computer to move the mouse to certain coordinates and click and wait and etc. and for most flash games this will be as advanced as you need it to be.
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Step 1: What we will use...

Picture of What we will use...
For this script tutorial we will be using AutoHotKey which is freeware and extremely powerful.

One thing to remember during this tutorial is THE AHK HELP FILE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! It can pretty much tell you how to script anything you may need scripted.

Step 2: Script commands...

Here are some of the basic commands we will be using, how they are worded, and their functions.

Click x,y   --- This command tells the computer to click at the desired point designated by
                        the coordinates in the "x" and "y" spots. This command can also be used 
                        without the coordinates which will make it click wherever the mouse currently
            Example.) Click 138,345

Sleep, xxxx   ---- This command tells the computer to wait the designated amount of time
                               before continuing to the next command. This is measured in  
                               milliseconds so 1000=1sec
              Example.) Sleep, 2500

Loop, xxx    ---- This tells the computer to repeat the script within the brackets the
                           designated amount of times before moving to the next command
                  Example.) Loop, 15

sdean71 year ago
m new hea .... i rili like dis site ... lots of info to my interest ... kip up da good wrk guys .... :)
GASSYPOOTS2 years ago
can i use sharpkeys?
jdavies102 years ago
Love your tutorials, this helped me make a very simple keylogger.

Im know addicted to AutoHotKey :D