Picture of How to create simple phone book application C#
Hi, I am Luke, it's my first Instructable. I want to show you how to create a simple phone book application in Microsoft Visual Studio using C#. It's good to have some basic knowledge of programming before making this project.

Let's get started.
We need Microsoft Visual Studio, it's free for students, you can get Professional Edition from MSDNAA. Search google for more information.

This is how our application will look like:

Step 1: Creating new project in Microsoft Visual Studio

Picture of Creating new project in Microsoft Visual Studio
Start Microsoft Visual Studio, and create new Project, choose Windows Forms Application remeber project type is Visual C#. You can name your project whatever you want and change location for the project if nessesary.
rrustemi4 years ago
Error 2 'Phonebook.Form1.Dispose(bool)': no suitable method found to override

HengR rrustemi18 days ago

EndEdit() is your own Created Method right ??

ZakirH26 months ago

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lemonie6 years ago
Hi Man, welcome to Instructables. This is something I wouldn't do, but it's well done (and the English is fine). L

Keep getting this error (GRID) not found in context, can anyone help

change your datagridview1 name with GRID
sch7 lemonie1 year ago


When i click in save button on menustrip the dialog window opens and where I must save the file? Can anybody help me?

JarosławM1 year ago

A czy to samo, tylko po Polsku, jest gdzieś dostępne?

Cavy6 years ago
hi luke!
i guess this would be more useful if it has search, edit buttons and textbox or label to display the search item.._
coz it would be easier to search for the person your looking for if you listed 50 or more names.

hope you add em. ,
lucash (author)  Cavy6 years ago
Yes you are right. I'll do it in this week I think so :)
Cavy lucash6 years ago
kindly pm me if your done with the additional modifications. thanks!
Cavy6 years ago
you can now change the apps name from "simple phonebook" to "simple phonebook: with search and edit". that would better eh!?