How to Create Soft Served Ice Cream.





Introduction: How to Create Soft Served Ice Cream.

Don't you hate hard ice cream that you buy from the supermarket/store? This instructable will show you how to make it taste better by converting it into soft-served style ice cream.

*Video may contain profanity* Cover thy virgin ears.

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you need for soft served ice cream (squeezed style):
1. Ice Cream (you decide on flavor)
2. Scissors
3. Ziploc Bags ® or equivalent
4. Spoon/Ice Cream Scooper (or hands at last resort)
5. Ice Cream Cones

Step 2: Scoop the Ice Cream Into the Ziploc Bag

Use your spoon and scoop the ice cream into the ziploc bag.

Step 3: Seal the Bag.

Seal the bag. Make sure to remove the air, or else it'll become hard to mash later.

Step 4: Mash!

Mash your ice cream in the bag to desired softness. (Either use your hands or some tool...)

Step 5: Create a Pastry Bag From the Ziploc Bag

To create a pastry bag from the ziploc bag, take your scissor and cut the corner out.
The pastry bag is to pipe the soft ice cream onto the cone.

Step 6: Pipe the Ice Cream

Squeeze the ice cream from the ziplock-pastry bag into the cone.

To make it seem as if it was from an ice cream machine, try to swirl the ice cream as it goes into the cone.

Step 7: Enjoy.

Enjoy your soft-er ice cream on a cone.

The alternative way to have bowled ice cream is to use use your spoon to mash it up in the bowl.



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    there must be a better way! Especially home made icecream tends to get hard like a rock. I bet they put plenty of stuff in the store made which keeps it soft all the time :-/ I am happy that you had fun making the video, i like the part where the camaraman first refuses to hold the cone, it is hillarious! You are really talented guys you two :-)

    you can vary the thickness by changing the amount of fat and sugar, more fat and sugar = softer ice cream but it is trial and error to find a just right % but when you find it, never forget it. there is a book by ben and jerry where they have a butterfat chart so you know what to use

    in that case you could try googling low fat homemade ice cream

    who is this google guy anyways?

    What about freezing a can of whipped cream

    under pressure may explode when frozen

    excellent, excellent indeed.

    A decade or so ago, I found a neat appliance at a garage sale. It was a tall cylinder with a crank on the top. You put hard ice cream inside, turned the crank, and soft ice cream came out the bottom. Turning the crank caused a plunger to slowly lower inside the chamber, pushing the ice cream to the bottom, where a disk with holes in it scraped thin layers of ice cream off of the hard mass, then guided it through a spout. It worked fantastically to pump out soft serve at the ice cream's original temperature... until one of my kids accidentally threw out the plunger.  >:(

    If someone recognizes my description and can provide a make and model, I would be eternally grateful.

    why do you need to waste a ziploc bag? Use microwave. Turn it to 30 second, medium fire, you will get what you need.