How to create the your own windows interface on (part 2)

the next step
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the desktop background is so much fun because you can either use a picture you've taken or design your own graphics. I like to use photos that i took but you could do pretty much anything!

Step 2: ICONS

Picture of ICONS
For Icons you can either just place them on the background or create a dock. I will be creating a dock because they are a lot of fun!! Make sure to create depth between the icons and the back ground because if you dont, the icons will just kind of blend in.
ReCreate5 years ago
but how can i make the theme into an msstyles file? All you did is create icons and backgrounds?
you find the optiion create zip in file/zip/than it will tell you where it created a zip file
What are you talking about?
ok like when your making a style you click file at the top then zip it will show the directorie where it put your style
making a style? With what program?
on style builder to make your own windows xp theme
well then...
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How do you add a pic to your profile?
Basically the author made this to show a few different backgrounds to make in paint. Those aren't themes, just backgrounds.
mdmoose296 years ago
so what do you use these fake operating systems for?
Nothing Idk whats worse this or those referral 'ibles...