How to Create Your Own Bikini Cover Up





Introduction: How to Create Your Own Bikini Cover Up

With this easy to-do, cover up bikini you'll keep rockin' it! Use a shear printed fabric to resemble the wild in you! Easy, not expensive, sexy cover-up!

Step 1: You Will Need

1. The fabric of your choice.
2. Pins.
3. Scissors.
4. Sewing machine.

Step 2: First Step

Picture #1 and Picture #2: Fold the fabric like you can see, and pin the fabric together on the sides.

Picture #3 and Picture #4: measure your arm size and mark on the fabric.

Picture #5: Like this :)

Picture #6: This is where the arms go.

Step 3: Second Step

Picture #7: To guide this part mark the exact middle.

Picture #8: Measure 30 cm, this will be the neck part

Picture #9: Now cut :)

Picture #10 and Picture #11: and to finish sew together both sides.

Now you have a geat looking bikini cover up to rock on the summer days!



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Questions & Answers


For all of these you use fabric. What yard amount would you suggest??

Love it! Sew easy and cute.

Thank you dear! I'm glad you like it! :)