Introduction: How to Create Your Own Font

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This Instructable will show you how to create your own handwritten font. You will need: A printer and a scanner (all-in-ones work great). NOTE: I do not own, and am not affiliated with,

Step 1: Download and Print Template

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Right-click the picture, select "Save As...",and choose a save location. Now go into the save location, open, and print it.

Step 2: Fill Out Template

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Now that you have your template printed, it's time to fill it out. Using your Sharpie/Black felt tip fen, draw the letters you see in light gray inside the light gray boxes. Don't make any stray marks outside of the writing area, and be careful not to go outside the light gray box, as this will cut your letter off. In the optional box, write only the ones you need. None of them are required. Then your ready to scan!

Step 3: Scan It!

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Now that you have your form filled out, it's time to scan the form back into your computer. Turn on your printer, and place the form face-down in the scanning bed. Close the lid, and scan in the picture. Once it appears on your computer screen, before you save it, change the color to "Grayscale" and change the resolution to 300 ppi. All these options should be somewhere in your scanning program. If you are using an HP printer, it is in the second tab. These tabs are located at the top right of the scan window. Your scanning program will probably ask to rescan because of the changed resolution. Let it rescan. Now, save your scan. Now it's time to upload the scan!

Step 4: Create Your Font

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Here's where the font creation happens. Go to You already have the template, so skip step one on the page. Click browse, and locate your scanned-in form. Once it's located, type in a name for your font. Leave the format as TTF. Then, click "Send File". You form will be uploaded, and the font will be created. When the download window appears, allow the file to download. Then, you have your font!

Step 5: Use Your Font

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Now that you have your font, it's time to install it! Go to your downloads folder, and double-click the font. A window previewing your font will appear. Click "Install". Then launch your word processing software, and your font should be on the list! Congratulations! You made a font! If you liked the font that I showed in my pictures, you can download it and install it like any other font here:


Kristin35 (author)2015-03-14

Can I just scan a handwritten font that I created on paper without using the provided template above and save it just as I would the template? Hope that makes sense :)

cc67 (author)2012-03-22

are you using an inkjet or a laserjet printer? thank you. Will this work in a hewlett- packard hp scanner? I have a hp deskjet printer, is it what you mean with the second button thing? tnx

tutdude98 (author)cc672012-04-06

every printer and scanner will work

KwartzKitten (author)2012-02-01

Wow, that simple huh? Thanks, I'm always nervous about using new sites but this helps a lot!

9ale7 (author)2011-05-31

nice !
i was looking for an easy way do it .. this is really easy.

dougson2 (author)2011-05-03

Updated with better screenshots!

ItsTheHobbs (author)2011-05-03

Thanks, I've been looking for a free way to do this since yourfonts started charging $10 a font. I'm definitely with lemonie, though. Spotlight search Grab, and use that to take screenshots.

lemonie (author)2011-05-02

Please use screen capture for images of your screen.


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