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Introduction: How to Crochet - 1

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 This video is a tutorial on the starting basics of crocheting; how  make a slip knot, hold the yarn in your hand for tension and how to make a single crochet stitch (sc). Meant to be a precursor to "Crocheting a stretch sensor", but is all inclusive. 



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    Hey Mina000,

    so sorry for the crazy delayed response. That is generally how you hold the hook, but whatever is comfortable for you and produces outcome will work.

    I have been meaning to learn this. Thanks for posting, really easy to follow.

    is hat how you always hold the hook, or is that how you were doing it for the tutorial?

    Thank you ever so much - I really got it. The cat was funny too, my cat is always doing that sort of stuff.

    1 reply

    your welcome! thank you so much for the feedback!