Introduction: How to Crochet a Ball - Part 3

finish crocheting the ball, stuff it, and finish it off.


HobbyCollector (author)2010-06-10

WOW. Very cool.

sighhigh (author)2009-07-11

if u stuff it with dried out beans you can make a hacky sack

meeganb05 (author)2009-01-16

where is part 2????????????????????

keggo24 (author)2008-07-22

mabee it's just me but is there supposed to be sound? cause there is none on mine.

tldudenhoeffer (author)keggo242008-07-23

Nope. No sound. I don't think sound is necessary when the video is as slow as I did it. I made the video because all the howto videos I've ever watched, the people were always going way too fast and then you need the voice over to understand what they're whipping through. Hope this helps. Leigh MacD

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