Picture of How to crochet a ball or a hackey sack
Learn how to crochet a ball or a hackey sack.

I do the tutorial with fat yarn and a size N crochet hook for better visability. It is also a very good idea for beginners to start out with thicker yarn and a larger hook so they can practice before going down to the skinnier threads and crochet hooks.

The hackey sack can be made using the pattern I will provide here, 1 or more balls of #3 crochet thread, and a size 2 crochet hook.
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Step 1: Make the slip knot.

Picture of Make the slip knot.
Begin by making a slip knot (pics 1 - 4). Slide hook into loop formed by making slip knot.

Gently tighten the noose around the hook (pic 5).

Step 2: Chain 4.

Picture of Chain 4.
Chain 4.

If necessary, refer to this video:

Step 3: Join with a slip stitch to form a ring.

Picture of Join with a slip stitch to form a ring.
Pinch the 4th chain from the hook between your Left thumb and forefinger (pic 1).

Insert hook (pics 2 & 3).

Draw up a loop and pull through the chain and the loop on the hook (pics 4 & 5).

Pic 6 is after the hook is through the chain and the loop.

Step 4: Begin crocheting into the ring.

Picture of Begin crocheting into the ring.
Round 1: Chain 1 (pic 2) and tuck tail to left of work. You will be working the tail into the crocheting as you go.

Keeping the tail to the left and on the outer area of ring, insert hook into center of the ring (as pictured in view 1). Draw up a loop and pull it through the ring(pic 3). There are now 2 loops on the hook (pic 4).

Draw up a loop and pull it through both loops on hook (pic 5); one single crochet in the ring complete. Make 5 more single crochet in the ring.

Here is Crocheting a Ball - Part 1 (movie)

Cool beans! I love it. I'm going to make myself a set for juggling...

6 ball fountain, here I come!
ummmm not trying to be rude but the first chrochet class I went to the teacher said "have you ever chrocheted" I said "no...." she said" well then start with a very thin yarn and a size 4.00 hook"

Not trying to be rude but it's C-R-O-C-H-E-T. Not chrochet...

tldudenhoeffer (author)  1HorseGirl783 months ago

Every teacher differs in their teaching style. I've learned that teaching fat yarn and big hooks usually works much, much better than starting out small and thin.

What material are you using for the Hacky Sack? It doesn't look like yarn.
tldudenhoeffer (author)  YellowZealot3 months ago

I used very fat wool yarn.

but i also just stuck my chrochet hook in backwards (lol) I still love it though 4 stars
yoshi13 years ago
would wool work as well?
aguest13 years ago
Hey, thanks for the tut! Im hoping to crochet a cover around a tennis ball -- do you have any thoughts on the best way to do this?
Thank so much!My dad loves to hakey sack and i am going to make him one!!
IT IS HARD I DON'T GET IT HOW HOw how do i do it??? TT-TT
I have been looking to learn crochet for ages...ever since I found the creepy cute crouchet book on Amazon. I have been practising the steps and re-watching the video until I got it perfect. Only problem is my "circle" isn't looking...well...very circular! Going to try with thicker wool. Thank you very much for your tutorial. Hope to be making super cute zombies in no time! x
martin85106 years ago
im lost could someone please help. step 3 confused me.
tldudenhoeffer (author)  martin85106 years ago
Insert your hook into the very last chain (where it's being pinched by the thumb & forefinger). Yarn over the hook, draw through the chain and the loop on the hook. You will see a nice little ring formed. Let me know if you need more help. Leigh MacD
excuse me what size needle is the number two u used is it 2.25mm or 275mm?
tldudenhoeffer (author)  nightninja876 years ago
a US size 2 crochet hook is 2.75mm. I am including my favorite link for crochet hook converting. It is:

Happy crocheting, Leigh MacD
ok kool thx and what is and where did you get the filling?
tldudenhoeffer (author)  nightninja876 years ago
I use just about anything I can get my hands on for stuffing the soft ball (read: fiberfil). For the hackey sack, you'll have to get pretty creative. I've used lentils, pea gravel, composite plastics, recycled old bean bags (they're usually filled with plastic junk). Basically, anything that will make it feel right. Check around at a hobby & craft store also. Leigh MacD
Bridel5686 years ago
hey is the ball steps and the hacky steps the same???
tldudenhoeffer (author)  Bridel5686 years ago
Yes, they are the same. I did the ball videos because they're easier to see the actual crocheting being completed. TLD
YES! Thank you so much. I love you hackysack (footbag everywhere else in the world) and have wanted to know how to make them for so long.
very nice 5 star from me
tldudenhoeffer (author)  nightninja876 years ago
Thank you!!! TLD