Picture of How to crochet a basket with t-shirt yarn
Ok so you know how to make yarn out of an old -shirt.http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-turn-an-old-t-shirt-into-yarn/

Now what are you going to make? How about a basket to put your yarn in?
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need your ball of  yarn I used two different colors the amount will vary depending on the size of the t-shirts you used.

size N or 10.00mm crochet hook

Step 2: Let's get started

Picture of Let's get started
If you know how to crochet that's great! For those of you who don't I will show you some basic stitches. First you will need to chain on three stitches. It doesn't matter if you are left or right handed either. Hold the needle however it feels comfortable to you.

Ok so now you want to make the first stitch. This will be your knot. Leaving a long thread (about 6 inches) wrap then twist the yarn around the needle. image2

The put the yarn over the needle and pull through. image 3,4 and 5

Pull the knot to secure it. Just not too tight you can't move your needle. image 6

Step 3: Chain 3

Picture of Chain 3
Now you are going to chain three. To do this bring the yarn over the needle and through the loop do this three times.

Step 4: Basket base

Picture of Basket base
Now you want to make 8 half double crochet into the third chain from the hook.

Yarn over the needle.image 1

Put needle through the first chain you made. image 2

Yarn over again and then pull through one loop. You should have three loops on your hook. image3

Yarn over again and pull through all three needles on hook . image 4

Now do these steps until you have eight of them in that same spot. You have your first round made yey.
BakedBeads1 year ago

Great instructions, I won't have to juggle a beginning crochet book on my lap as I try to recreate this basket!! Love it!

witchninni3 years ago
Try using strips of torn scrap fabric. I made a cat bed out of olld torn up sheets.... great way to recycle and keep the kitties comfy.
Love your basket. Thanks for sharing. I want to make more yarn and projects.
my 9 lives (author)  NaturalCrafter4 years ago
Thank you:) I'm working on a few. Pot holder and a purse!