How to Crush a Can in Less Then 30 Milliseconds With Only a Can Water and a Heat Souce.





Introduction: How to Crush a Can in Less Then 30 Milliseconds With Only a Can Water and a Heat Souce.

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This is my second instructable that I learned in science class a few months ago. It is cool because after a few steps you can crush a can faster than you can blink.

Step 1: Things You Need

The Things you Need.

. A can...

. A stove,or bunsen burner. (some kind of heat source that can boil water)

. Tongs (to hold the can while heating it).

.A bowl (to fill with water)

. Water (room temperature water to fill the can with, and cool water to fill the bowl with)

Step 2: Let's Get Started!

Okay, here we go. First fill a bowl with cold water, then fill your can about 1/6th of the way full with room temperature water. Next, using the tongs hold the can over your heat source until you can see well defined steam rising from the drinking hole. Last step, and the fun part. Still using the tongs pu the can in the water about 1/8th of the way in the water (DO NOT SUBMERGE THE CAN).

(P.S- This may make you jump, so be prepared)



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    well the science behind it is really just pressure differences between outside and inside of the can (inside drops to real low due to rapid cooling) and atmospheric pressure on the outside literally crushes the can. Neat.

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    Yup was amazing at my school.

    I did this in Chem works by causing a differen't air pressure inside the can...something like diffusion or something causes the crushing power. It was pretty sweet...filled the room with first warm gooey sugar, then burning fructose.

    how does it work? what happens ?y does the can get crush ?

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    its something to do with moving a warm thing into a diierent heat causing it to react i think

    Yeah, I've done this at a science fair. It works guys.

    i've done this in 8th grade! it works!

    it does not work show us a video of you doing it

    what the neighbors must've thought- 'they're putting a 55-gallon can on a grill...'

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    Something along the lines of 'hey dingus, them there nayburrs of awres ahr gone done puttin my toilet on thayr greel... BOYT wahtchu doing, woah whatchu jsut do, you practicing that thayr voodeedoo'

    Very nice. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good kind of tongs to flip it over quickly? Also, we tried with with ice water; have folks noticed a difference in the power of the crushing with varying water temps?

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    You can pour out the water into the bowl and then put it in water. it has the same effect.

    You forgot to mention that the can should be dipped upside down, to create a vaccuum. Make a movie of it.

    ido this in my fireplace for years! its so funny


    Very cool! Back when I was in school, we didn't do this. But that was so long ago, I think it was before they had invented steam.

    I was inspired by your instructable and have created my own on how to crush a can. How to crush a can in .13 seconds

    not full, only 1/6 full. The steam from the water will fill the can, pushing out the oxygen. When you dip it into the cold water, the steam rapidly cools, turning it back into liquid. This leaves a vacuum in the can, since the air was pushed out, and the steam turned back into liquid; and thus, implodes.

    Cool. I also learned this in science class. Just a couple of tips to make it easier: you don't need 1/6th of the can filled, only just enough water to come to the top of the dome in the bottom when it's flat. Even less will suffice. That's how we did it, and it worked great. If you do this, you don't need cold water, either. Room temperature, or cold tap, will suffice.

    u might want to include cold or frigid water not just cool some poeple my think to just use the cold tap and u reely need like ice water or at the least veary chilled water