How to Crush a Can on Your Head





Introduction: How to Crush a Can on Your Head

Crushing a can on your head is the perfect party trick, and looks incredibly beastly at the same time.

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Step 1: Holding the Can

The first step to crushing a can on your head is to take the end that you drink out of and place it in the center of your hand. Make sure that your hand covers the end with the tab on it

Step 2: Placing Your Fingers on the Can

This part is imprtant, because if you skip this step, its going to hurt and you probably won't crush the can

Put your fingers around the can, with the tips of your fingers pointing into the side of the can

Step 3: Count to Three

To start, you want to raise the can to your head, and then pull it back, counting once each time you raise the can. As you count, slightly add more force on the sides of the can with your fingers. You should do this three times, counting out loud.

Step 4: Crushing the Can

After you've counted out loud to three, hit your head with the can, simultaneously pushing in the sides of the can with your fingers. The combined force of your fingers pushing on the side of the can and your hand pushing the ends of the can into your head will crush the can. This is how the whole sequence should look.



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    Ah, yes ... I can remember when beer / soda cans were made of steel and guys did this at the bars ... then the bartender would call an ambulance.

    Seriously, if ya just gotta try this, practice on something besides your head and not your (pick at least one: best bud, spouse, worst enemy, pit bull, police officer, or neighborhood terrorist)'s head. (lawyers and members of congress excepted).

    Oh, and don't have your shades pushed up on your head either ... uh, voice of experience ... ... ... ... :(

    Very cool post! (Ya I'm old as heck & know the trick) but it was very well written! Looking for more of your awesome work! Keep up the good work!

    Haha, thats awesome, i chugged half a can of fanta down and flattened the can over y head, like a boss

    wow, sweet i always wanted to know how to do this !!!! could hurt with a non empty can tho!

    4 replies

    lol. It would explode in ur face XD !!!


    Nope, doesn't explode... leaves a scar though :-\

    and quite possibly a concussion! haha


    hmm... that's a possibility, I just assumed I was unconscious because of what was in all the cans I drank before that one... but I bet you're right, I drank a reasonable amount, and the head injury explains everything else! :)

    Always wanted to try this. Thanks.

    Justin Beiber wannabe

    Daaamn.. I really should have known this last time i was drunk.. Now i have two half circles scars on my forhead. But i think they will fade away sooner or later. 
    And yes, two. I tried two times. Third time i hit a table and passed out. 

    Nice ible. 

    not cool ur crushing the can with your hand so its not actually crushing in on ur head false name not cool

    3 replies

    So, when a martial artist breaks a cinder block with his "bare fist" but really uses his whole body in unison to get the kind of force he needs to break through concrete, is that false?

    when he crushes a block he is using his hand as the impact witch need tremendus force ( i know karate and tequando so i have broken boards) this dude is squeesing the can to make the can fold like paper on his head if u have seen the vidieo of a dude realy crushing cant with a table thats is the true devinition of crashing cans