Step 4: Crushing the can

Picture of Crushing the can
After you've counted out loud to three, hit your head with the can, simultaneously pushing in the sides of the can with your fingers. The combined force of your fingers pushing on the side of the can and your hand pushing the ends of the can into your head will crush the can. This is how the whole sequence should look.

NOW you tell me....



tadhg27 years ago
wow, sweet i always wanted to know how to do this !!!! could hurt with a non empty can tho!
lol. It would explode in ur face XD !!!
J-Ri cinimod774 years ago
Nope, doesn't explode... leaves a scar though :-\
tadhg2 J-Ri4 years ago
and quite possibly a concussion! haha
J-Ri tadhg24 years ago
hmm... that's a possibility, I just assumed I was unconscious because of what was in all the cans I drank before that one... but I bet you're right, I drank a reasonable amount, and the head injury explains everything else! :)
Davey0134 years ago
Always wanted to try this. Thanks.
-KungPow-5 years ago
 looks painful and fun. COUNT ME IN!!!
cool I like that. Will it hurt???????

See ya later
butters87547 years ago
funny, i like it!!
Omega1927 years ago
hah, nice work! ive always wondered how people do that, i assumed pressure with the fingers but i didnt know the exact method. ill have to practice and show off to my friends :P