Introduction: How to Cure a Hangover

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There are a few methods to reduce the symptoms of a hangover.

Hangovers don't just happen like a headache, an ingrown toenail, or cancer. Looking for a cure for a hangover is largely too late. Prevention is the key but there are a few things that can be done to help get through the day after drinking too heavily.

Step 1: Prevention

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One of the best things to do before drinking is to eat a hearty meal. If you can't do that gobble down the peanuts, popcorn, or whatever other food is available where you are drinking. Drinking on an empty stomach is unwise.

Drink water
Downing a quart of water before the first drink will give your body the fluid it needs and help divert the absorption of the alcohol into your system.

Step 2: During

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Control your intake
Try to drink only one alcoholic beverage per hour. Sticking with the same drink for the whole night tends to lead to less complications later.

Choose wisely
Red wine and other dark liquors usually result in a higher chance for a hangover. The less expensive the alcohol the more toxin and thus the greater chance for a hangover.

Alternate drinks
Drinking water or juice in between alcohol will keep you hydrated (alcohol is a diuretic and removes more fluid from you than it contributes). The liver needs water to remove toxins from the body (yes, alcohol is a toxin) and the sooner the liver can get to work the better.

Step 3: After

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Drink a quart of water, juice, or a sports drink. You've just dehydrated yourself so if you were not planning ahead by drinking water before and during you need to catch up now. A Pedialyte freezer pop is the only commercial product that makes sense to substitute for downing fluids. Most hangover helpers are just providing electrolytes along with the water you drink to provide the same recovery help as a simple glass of juice.

Take a multivitamin instead of aspirin or acetaminophen. You have probably urinated plenty so the vitamins in your system have been flushed.

Many people swear by eating something before going to bed after a night of heavy drinking. A slice of bread is often suggested.

Step 4: Disclaimer

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Alcohol is a drug. Please only consume alcohol if it is legal for you to do so. Binge drinking is very dangerous. Consider your family history because part of the risk factors for alcoholism is your heritage. Do not consume alcohol if you are pregnant or nursing. Never drink and drive. Be a designated driver for your friends and take lots of pictures like the ones illustrating this Instructable. Know your limit.

Every person is different and many people have found alternate ways to reduce their symptoms. (I try to only drink Guinness and being Irish, German, English, Scottish, Dutch mutt sure seems to help.) The only certain way to go hangover-free is to not drink.


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alaskanthunderfuker69 (author)2011-03-30

thats bull i've been smoking pot for 4 years and it is not bad i've done my homework weed is scientifically proven 10 times less dangerous than tobacco on a scale of 1 to 10 and it does not cause black lung or cancer and there are 0 marijuana related deaths in the united states

Check your sources, friend, since my medical acquaintances all agree that weed is far more dangerous than tobacco, presenting an increased risk of cancer, since the smoke is inhaled more deeply and retains for longer than with normal smoking, plus the well-documented mental damage.

vincent7520 (author)Kiteman2012-01-01

When you come to France I'll take you to a hospital ward where they treat alcoholics : you'll see what mental damages are done… no need for heavy medical documentation, let me tell you.
Wrecks, all I can say.
The only thing close to damage by alcoholism is heroin.
Both are certainly the most dangerous drugs available (wether it's legal or not).
Interestingly a lot of (most ?…) heroin addicts when they survive fall into alcohol addiction after they quit heroin… And they usually die from the effect of both over the years … mostly between35 and 45-50.

As for balancing between the effects of nicotine and THC I'm quite surprised about what you say. It is a well known fact that THC does not causes cancer whereas nicotine is the primary cause of throat and lung cancer (how much you inhale is ludicrous as many permanent non smokers died of tobacco induced lung cancer simply by living in places where cigarette smoking was prevalent).
Now I do not mean THC has no bad effect on health, but as long as weed is not mixed with tobacco there is no proof yet that THC causes cancer.

Anyway all these arguments seem quite absurd to me : if you want to live a healthy life and respect yourself as you should respect others, do not get over the barrier of non self-control, be it alcohol, weed or any other recreational drugs … 
Knowing which one is less harmful than the other misses the point : the point is in words "less harmful" / "harmless" there is "harm". This should be avoided altogether.

Kiteman (author)vincent75202012-01-03

Where did I say alcohol was safe?

Where did I say pure THC causes cancer?

Stop putting words and arguments in my mouth, it is disingenuous.

And, news flash, pure nicotine does not cause cancer either - both marijuana and tobacco contain many other substances, many of which are highly carcinogenic. Causing any complex organic substance to smoulder for prolonged periods generates dozens, often hundreds, of carcinogenic toxins.

THC and nicotine are just the single substance that produces the desired effects, amongst the hundreds of substances that have only UNdesirable effects.

jkwilborn (author)Kiteman2015-02-16

The many other substances seemed not to cause irritation of the lungs as tobacco does. Many think the complete plant causes this, not the peices alone.

Kiteman (author)jkwilborn2015-02-16

It doesn't matter how many people "think" something, what matters are the properly-collected and collated facts.

Try these from the CDC:

DisplacedMic (author)Kiteman2012-03-24

a bolus of pure nicotine extracted from a pack of cigarettes would almost certainly kill you - and quickly.

the LD 50 of nicotine is about 100 times higher than that of cocaine, for example.

the human ld50 of nicotine is .5 - 1 mg/kg.

Pure nicotine almost certainly is a carcinogen - but there just isn't enough data to support that in humans due to the fact that its toxicity is so high. At the very least it is definitely highly mitogenic & I can tell you that they have validated tumours in lab animals AND they have shown that it stimulates rapid division of pancreatic cells.

and that's real sources, not "my medical acquaintances"

by why take my word for it? just pop over to pubmed and search for marijuana and cancer.

despite the fact that NIH simply will not fund research exploring potential positive effects of marijuana bur rather will only entertain grants that are written in order to explore the negative effects, you will see an overwhelming amount data that suggest that not only is marijuana far less toxic than most prescription and recreational drugs, it is effective in treating a host of diseases and disorders ranging from anxiety to end-stage cancer.

i am by no means saying that people should smoke marijuana recreationally, but there is no medical basis whatsoever for keeping the drug on the list of Schedule 1 drugs.

whoops - i misspoke - what i meant to say was that LD50 of nicotine SUGGEST THAT it is about 100 times more lethal than cocaine, which has an ld50 of about 100 mg/kg.

in other words - you would need to give a group of people 100 - 200 times the amount of cocaine you would need to kill half of them if you used pure nicotine.

drug laws in this country aren't so much about safety as they are about lobbying.

also, to be clear - the LD50 obviously isn't that useful of a tool when determining drug safety. Obviously cocaine is one of the worst things you can put in your body - probably far worse for you than nicotine when looking at their relative dosages and administration routes. however the point stands that nicotine is a HIGHLY toxic substance - and it's not just the various tars and god only knows what other compounds they are putting in cigarettes that kill you.

DisplacedMic (author)vincent75202012-03-25

exactly. an strangely enough - alcohol is the only drug that i know of whose withdrawal symptoms can kill you. narcotics are close if you're not careful to stay hydrated during the invariable diarrhea that comes with coming off opiates.

another thing about Heroin that is crazy is the fact that pharmacologically it's just morphine.

heroin has acetyl groups that make it much more soluble than morphine so when it is injected it is more potent than morhpine because it gets to the brain faster - however once in the brain those acetyl groups are cleaved and the it is converted to morphine...

DisplacedMic (author)Kiteman2012-03-24

i'm a physician and that is nonsense.

Kiteman (author)DisplacedMic2012-03-25

What data do you possess that the rest of the medical profession do not?

DisplacedMic (author)Kiteman2012-03-25

none - i have the same resources they have and the same resources you have at your disposal by way of google. i pointed you in the right direction in another post - you are free to go look for yourself.

I am by no means suggesting that smoking marijuana is a good idea. It certainly leads to inflammation in the lungs which can in tern lead to cell damage and what we call "pre-cancerous" cells in lung tissues.

Smoking marijuana has certainly been linked to higher levels of testicular cancer, prostate cancer and cervical cancer in regular pot smokers than non smokers. it has also been linked to complications for women who smoke during pregnancy.

That being said, while this issue is debated, the medical community certainly does not agree that "weed is far more dangerous than tobacco, presenting an increased risk of cancer"

I believe it's quite the opposite.
It is difficult to really study this as long-term studies just aren't being done on any real level. partly due to the legal and political debate.

but what we do know for sure is that marijuana certainly has some therapeutic uses. nicotine, with the exception of a few very rare cases, has no therapeutic value - even less so when smoked.
marijuana is nowhere near as addictive.

there is so much nonsense in the media about marijuana it's mind-boggling. my favourite is the study that came out of new zealand that apparently claimed smoking 1 joint was the same as smoking 20 cigarettes, which was of course not at all what the study claimed. the press went bonkers and that is the source of most of these kinds of claims you hear today. although - read the paper for yourself:

They looked at 79 people with lung cancer and 324 controls.
Of those 79 people with cancer, 9 of them didn't smoke cigarettes.

58 of them never smoked marijuana with 3, 4 and 14 being in their three categories of increasing amounts smoked respectively.

"While cannabis smoking (defined as lifetime use of o20 joints)
was not associated with a significantly increased risk of lung
cancer (table 2), those with the highest tertile of use
(.10.5 joint-yrs of exposure) had a significantly increased risk
(RR 5.7 (95% CI 1.5–21.6)) after adjustment for age, sex,
ethnicity, pack-yrs of cigarette smoking and a family history of
lung cancer."

However - in their control group they had 4 "highest tertile of use" patients vs 14 in the cancer group.

Contrast that with what i think is a far superior study (and the community would agree based on the impact scores of the two journals) done at UCLA:

and you'll see a far different story.
that's not to say smoking pot is good for you - it almost certainly contributes to COPD in people that smoke tobacco (although surprisingly doesn't appear to lead to COPD on its own)

Tashkin's even hypothesized that marijuana would raise the risk of cancer because of the fact that marijuana users inhale more deeply and generally hold smoke in their lungs longer than tobacco smokers, like you said. However that simply didn't appear to be the case in his study which included almost 10 times as many subjects as the New Zealand study.

While no association between marijuana smoking and cancer was found they absolutely did find a 20-fold increase in lung cancer among people who smoked two or more packs of cigarettes a day.

Of course you probably shouldn't do either - but cigarette smoking is almost certainly far worse for your general health and well being than smoking marijuana is.

Kiteman (author)DisplacedMic2012-03-25

Your CMAJ reference is nothing to do with cancer.

However, it's summary does state that smoking marijuana poses similar risks to smoking regarding heart disease and pulmonary obstructions, and further states that the risks are greatly increased in those who smoke both marijuana and tobacco.

Your first reference seems to be double-thinking itself - first stating that there is no significant risk, then pointing out that long-term smoking of cannabis is a significant risk, and also pointed out that 1 in 20 lung cancers in the under-55 age-group in New Zealand (ie, those too young to have developed the disease from general exposure to pollution) is due to cannabis use.

DisplacedMic (author)Kiteman2012-03-25

dig those heels in mate... you said it's far more dangerous and poses a greater cancer risk than tobacco. i think both of those claims are false. and considering the fact that COPD is both dangerous and a risk factor in developing lung-cancer, i would say that the CMAJ reference has everything to do with the dangers of smoking tobacco v marijuana - i wouldn't say the reference is unrelated at all.

the NZ paper isn't double-thinking itself - they presented the data they found. that's how science is done.

the aim of the study was to determine the risk of lung cancer associated
with cannabis smoking. one of their findings was that people that smoked less were not at a risk of contracting the disease.

they seemed to have based their conclusions on the higher groups - which, while apparently significant - i find those data dubious at best, based on the lack of power.

Either way, i maintain that your claim that weed is far more dangerous than tobacco, presenting an increased risk of cancer is not based on fact.

Sounds to me like you're biased.

I personally have no horse in this race - i don't smoke either so i don't really care. politically i don't believe the government should be regulating behaviours beyond protecting the rights of others - it's absurd to me that pot is illegal while far more dangerous drugs like tobacco and alcohol are perfectly legal.

Kiteman (author)DisplacedMic2012-03-25

How is "there is no significant risk of cancer" and "there is a significant risk of cancer" in the same paragraph not doublethink?

DisplacedMic (author)Kiteman2012-03-25

the greater-than symbol didn't carry over so maybe that's the source of the confusion. they had 4 groups - non smokers, less than 1.39 joints/year, between 1.39 and 10.5 and greater than 10.5/year.

they are claiming that people who have smoked the greatest amount of marijuana (the highest group) have a significantly increased risk of lung cancer.

but their sample size was 18 people. 14 of which had cancer, 4 didn't. and many of the marijuana smokers were also cigarette smokers.

as it were i think the claim is dubious based on their own data. but this is the paper that was all over over the place and is the source of the "1 joint = 20 cigarettes" myth and that's why i brought it up.

feel free to provide a better one that you feel more adequately supports your claim that "weed is far more dangerous than tobacco, presenting an increased risk of cancer"

Well, you just go right on praising the virtues of pot for the next two years and see how getting a job or a good education works out for you.

Drinking water is 10 times less dangerous than smoking pot.

I've not been smoking pot for 37 years and I've done my homework and weed is scientifically proven to have carcinogens, induce laziness, and has ruined a few of my friend's chances at a decent wage, extended (by years and tens of thousands of dollars) the time it took to get a degree, and wasted thousands of hours arguing for the legalization of something that will never be legalized.

afs420 (author)zieak2011-04-10

You, my friend, are ridiculous. Not only does cannabis NOT cause cancer, but it's also been known to shrink tumors. Although it temporarily paralyzes the cilia, it actually does not cause permanent damage. In addition, it's also been found to actually prevent respiratory tissue from becoming malignant. In other words, it prevents cancer. Also, cannabis use does NOT make you stupid. When they did the study to prove that marijuana kills braincells, they gave the test subjects (monkeys) 63 joints through a gas mask administered over the period of five minutes without providing them with oxygen. I know you are pretty ignorant but I think everyone knows that after 4 minutes without oxygen, you can suffocate. If you suffocate, the first thing that will happen is you will lose braincells. As far as ruining peoples lives, I assume it was because of addiction? Well actually cannabis use is habitual not addictive. Oh and by the way, in ten THOUSAND years of use, there are ZERO deaths from cannabis use on record. I have a 3.6 grade point average, and I smoke weed, everyday, of every week, of every month, of every year. So next time you go babbling on the internet, do some homework before you run your mouth. I HAVE SPOKEN!

lunchbox9864 (author)afs4202012-01-01

I was going to comment on someone else's amazingly ignorant post but I instead chose yours. So consider this a reply to you and anyone else that falsely uses made up statistics to in your words "babble on the internet" When I was in high school, some friends of mine were out one night, high out of their minds and the driver of their car ran through a stop sign because he was too baked to notice said stop sign and the result was a car full of banged up friends and a dead expectant mother and very badly injured young girl in the car they smashed in to. Sooooooooo there's two cannabis related deaths for you. A young woman and her unborn baby. Think about that next time you're about to use that stat that someone made up and people continue to use to make their own selfish point. You can do whatever you want to do with your life. But please don't believe that pot never contributed to anyone's death.

With all due respect to your friend - they didn't kill those people because they were high - they killed them because they were driving while high - dui is illegal. just because X can lead to Y does not, in my opinion, justify making X illegal.

drink driving is illegal - but it's neither illegal to drink nor to drive. why would this be any different?

i think it's quite clear that he meant no deaths as a direct result of drug toxicity. marijuana didn't kill that poor woman - selfish stupidity did.

zieak (author)afs4202011-04-11

wuzami (author)zieak2011-07-05

using your same choice of website to go against marijuana consumption look at Marijuana has never been proven in research to induce laziness or decrease the probability of getting a decent wage. Yes it does have carcinogens when used in an unfiltered smoke method however there are other means such as tinctures, edibles, and vaporized smoke that does not have traceable amounts of carcinogens. While we are on that matter by the way did you know that if you live within a 250 mile radius of a city or industrial plant there are more carcinogens in your air every day then that of unfiltered smoke? Also through our daily activities we get exposed to between 200 and 500 different carcinogens. You must look at not just scientific studies but ones that have been tried, tested and repeated a dozen times for use in arguments. Marijuana is a useful drug that is safer then 99% of the marketed drugs that it is being used instead of.

Kiteman (author)wuzami2012-01-01

"Something else is dangerous, therefore this is safe"?

Whatever helps you sleep at night, I suppose.

wuzami (author)Kiteman2012-01-01

I said safer which yes, is correct. I never said it was completely safe because peoples stupidity is always a factor. But everything I said is accurate show me some research to disprove it and I'll believe you.

Kiteman (author)wuzami2012-01-02

You'll notice that the studies quoted to "prove" marijuana is safe all use purified extracts from the plant, whereas those that show it is dangerous are referring to the full plant or resin, and all the other organic compounds therein. You know, the stuff people actually smoke.

wuzami (author)Kiteman2012-01-03

Sorry maybe I wasn't clear. I said yes smoking marijuana is bad for you. Any smoke is bad for you. However, with recent developments in the medicinal marijuana industry there have been advancements in alternative forms of putting more and more of a "pure" substance into the body. I know this can not be done unless you reverse-engineered the THC/Cannoboids like there are doing for marinol. Although there are other forms such as tinctures and edibles that remove many of the harmful parts of the marijuana in an attempt to isolate the good things. I am just saying marijuana is not all bad. It has very beneficial effects that in order to be used we need to get rid of the misleading information out there about it being a very deadly/dangerous drug.

Kurt Vonnegut (author)zieak2011-07-05

Very informational, thanks!

ilpug (author)Kurt Vonnegut2011-07-05


Kurt Vonnegut (author)ilpug2011-07-06

Either would be semantically correct, I believe.

Kiteman (author)afs4202012-01-01

I'd really like to see your medical references that back up that stream of ill-informed nonsense...

Houdinipeter (author)afs4202011-07-05

its unfiltered smoke. honestly if you are going to do something that isn't good for you, choose knowing the risks, don't just try to avoid them

jordanwade (author)afs4202011-07-05

you didnt actually neutralize his points on it but both sides have got some really good points. i myself would never smoke the stuff because it looks my opinion

pfred2 (author)zieak2012-01-01

10 times? I'm not even going to ask if you just made that up or not.

Barbecue is scientifically proven to have carcinogens in it. That doesn't stop me from grilling though.

"induce laziness" Really? Care to share a link to that scientific study? yeah, I didn't think you would.

"has ruined a few of my friend's chances at a decent wage"

The rest of your stoner friends got lucky and got good jobs right? Maybe there is just no corollary between the two?

"something that will never be legalized"

You mean like the 50,000 years of human existence when it was legal? It didn't seem to be such a problem then as it suddenly became in the past 80 or so years it has been illegal.

Do you want to know why drugs are illegal? Because old white folks are scared of hispanics, blacks, and asians. Unfortunately old white folks are the ones who write most laws. It really is as simple as that. Don't believe me? The historical records still exist.

Hispanics cannabis
blacks cocaine
asians opiates

Lucky for you old white folks like to drink, or they'd have outlawed that too. Oh wait they did, it just didn't work for their society.

zieak (author)pfred22012-01-25

I repeat...

"...and wasted thousands of hours arguing for the legalization of something that will never be legalized."

pfred2 (author)zieak2012-01-25

Saying things over and over does not make them true.

What part of it was legal until modern times aren't you getting? Everything is defacto legal until laws are passed against them. Not every law drawn up happens to be a good, or even a legal one.

Personally I don't care what people do as long as they don't interfere with me. But I do care what my government does because that reflects poorly on me. You know, by the people, for the people?

I'm not going to debate you because you do not seem to have a grasp of the issue. Do try not to lose sight of the fact that law makers are public servants. They work for us!

deathsmileyinc (author)zieak2011-08-09

maybe the started smoking weed because the where failures...
almost all my friends are stoners and they all above average intelligence.
i also know a lot of people that still get drunk every week, they are getting more stupid every time.

I'm not against weed, have dabbled in the black art for almost 40 yrs.
While not a doctor, let me say this: your lungs are actually fairly delicate and as such, are damaged when exposed to more than your garden variety dust and pollen. Your lungs are designed with defensive mechanisms to cope accordingly, such as phlem production, etc. They were never intended for the intense exposure that smoking ANYTHING produces. The body IS IMHO, amazingly resilient. Will smoking weed cause cancer, etc.? Dunno. Probabley not. BUT, I'm not a doctor or researcher. BUT, again, smoking anything, IMHO is abusing what you were born with. Will not drinking or smoking make you live longer? Or does it just feel like it? Dunno. One thing I do know, moderation never hurt anyone and a drug conviction on one's record will.

crapsoup (author)2012-07-28

this how to prevent a hang over, not how to cure one. you have trick me, good sir. Good Day to you!!!

vincent7520 (author)2012-01-01

The whole purpose of this Instructable is ridiculous :
1) If you plan to get drunk, then you'll be drunk no matter what.
2) If you don't want to get drunk, don't drink : simple as that.
3) If you develop a strategy in order to get over the effect of being drunk, go bact to number two.
4) If you develop a strategy be cause you know your system cannot take as much alcohol as you'd like, again go back to number two.
5) If you like drinking and cannot control yourself you might as well go back to number 1)
6) If you like drinking and cannot control yourself, it means you don't like drinking as drinking is the pleasure of taste and socializing, then you fall in number 5)
7) If you know you'll get drunk and are not able to control yourself not only do you fall back on number 1) but you're a moron as you are a hazard to yourself.
8) If you're a hazard to yourself you're also a hazard to others, which makes you a potential criminal : which means you won't even fall into the above categories ; in which case you won't even read this comment in the 1st place.

All in all : for the 1st time do I feel that is way off line as it encourages stupid and dangerous behaviors.
In this view the Disclaimer is downright hypocrite.

Kiteman (author)vincent75202012-01-01

Calm down, friend.

Does possession of a band-aid encourage self-harm?

vincent7520 (author)Kiteman2012-01-01

Wrong argument.

This instructable talks about behavior, not tools.
Band aid is a tool that yo need when you run into a mishap.

Here we're talking about a wrong behavior which is "how to get drunk without a hang over";
Pushing the argument to the limit (which is not said in the instructable but that could be followed by mindless punks) it means : "how can I get drunk (and behave foolishly) without having the after effect ?"
Same logic is : "How can I get drunk, kill someone on the road, and get away with it ?…"

I truly think the whole thing is a shame.

Ps. I am have nothing against alcoholic beverages, actually I enjoy them a lot, as I live in a wine drinking country.

Kiteman (author)vincent75202012-01-02

Meh, I think you're over-emphasising the "get drunk" part. I read it as "if you're going to drink anyway, here's how to drink more safely". Nowhere does he even hint at doing anything stupid, like driving, or even chatting up strangers.

Back in my university days, I helped run a "safe lifestyle" campaign, and when it got as far as drinking, much of the advice we gave then is repeated here now.

pfred2 (author)2012-01-01

Indeed you need to drink Brawndo!

pfred2 (author)2012-01-01

Rule 1 drink better beer. I wouldn't water my lawn with the stuff pictured in this article. I cannot remember ever getting hung over from just drinking beer. Then again I don't drink swill beer either.

Rule 2 drink water after you drink, not before. You want to eat bread before you drink to soak up the booze. This makes the drinking more time delayed, a better buzz. A hangover is mostly brain dehydration. Of course the problem with this typically is once you're drunk you forget, or figure you're bulletproof or something, and just don't drink the water. Oh, and while it helps somewhat after, you pretty much have to drink the water before you go to sleep, pass out or whatever. Once you're hung over the damage is done.

Two good sized glasses generally does the trick. It's amazing and works. I know it sounds too simple to work, but it does. All you did was drink, so why wouldn't the remedy be just as simple?

If all else fails bite back the snake that bit ya. Drink heavily some more! You amateur, you obviously need more practice. Keep at it, you'll get better eventually.

Kiteman (author)2012-01-01

The best hangover cure I found in my student days was a handful of salted peanuts, a strong black coffee, and a glass of pure orange juice, in that order.

For prevention purposes, I avoided cheap beer and lager, and alternated alcoholic drinks with soft drinks (especially if I was swapping rounds with a friend...).

facklere (author)2012-01-01

Pretty sure you don't want to drink pickle juice to hydrate. It's salt water which will definitely dehydrate you. That was pretty funny though. :)

burrumgirl (author)2011-12-05

I find that if you can force yourself to eat some absorbent food such as fried or plain cooked rice or a fruit smoothie with rolled oats and bran in it , you will not have a hangover in the morning. I think it must absorb the fumes or something. Also water is a must. The trouble is after a gut full of alcohol you don't really want to eat or drink anything else, but force yourself. I like the idea of popcorn nibbling while drinking, it would probably work too.

SurreyTrnsPlnt (author)2011-07-05

The best way to cure having a hangover is to make sure you get plenty of sugar into your body. Because with drinking your removing all the sugar from your body when you go to the bathroom and you hangover is like having a sugar withdrawal like a diabetic. So the best thing for anyone to do is either drink a POP high in sugar to replace the sugar you`ve pee`d out all night. If you don`t have pop try a sports drink it will help but not like a good liter of Coca-Cola will do!!

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