Introduction: How to Curl Hairs Without Heat

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Using curling iron is not good for our hairs because heat is harmful and its DAMAGES our hairs."Ahhhhhhhh ! Nooooo! Now how I will curl my hairs! D: ." But you dont need to worry because there are several ways to curl your hairs without heat,so lets begin! :D

Step 1: Using Bobby Pins

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Bobby pins are too cheap and they help us too much for making alot of hairstyles but now they can also curl our hairs! Just roll your hairs softly as shown above and put bobby pins in cross shape.Using curling spray or just water is not that bad and after some hours,you'll get your results!

Step 2: Using Conair Hair Rods

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OMG.I love conair hair rods.What you need to do is just wash your hairs or just get them wet and twist them around the conair hair rods and close them from both sides.Sleep in these conair hair rods and in the morning,you will get very bouncy and soft curls.

Step 3: Using Headband

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Headband is found on any beauty shop or any ordianary shop.Just put your headband on the head and start rolling your hairs.Spray some water and keep it for some hours.You can also get wavy hairs by putting it only for one or half hour.

Step 4: Using Rollers

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Rollers are too famous and you will get big spiral curls from them.And its so easy to use!Make sure that you spray a little bit of water .

Step 5: Using Socks

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I know that it sounds a little crazy but yeah u can curl your hair from socks.Get a bath or get your hairs wet and then roll your hairs around the socks and tie it and sleep in it.

Step 6: Using Straws

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Roll your hairs around the straws and bobby pin the hairs so they dont slide out.Keep it for five or more hours and I am sure that you will get your noodles ! xD

Step 7: Using T-shirt

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Cut small and thin pieces of t shirt.Roll it around your hairs and tie a knot so the hairs dont come out.Spray alot of water.And get a nap.And when you will wake up,voila omg! curls! xD


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