Hello everybody! today i will be showing you how to engrave a Zippo (or similar) lighter with someones name at home. you can buy a Zippo for as little as 10 bucks online so i suggest you take a good look in head shops, smoke shops, or online for non expensive Zippos. for a woman i suggest getting a slim because that is what they were originally designed for (although men might like them too.) but some people like a big flame that only the original ones have to them! remember to go slow, and take your time so that you don't screw things up permanently.

Step 1: materials

Materials required:

A Zippo  (no duh)
an electric engraver (they sell them at harbor freight for like 10 bucks)
a sharpie pen
a paper towel
lighter fluid

IMPORTANT: do not drink too much coffee or caffeinated beverages before starting this, your hands will be shaking too much and it won't turn out as neat.
Hi, i like to know if its possible to engrave a zippo lighter that s chrome satin plate without damaging the surface around the engrave and if the metal will rust if i engrave a piece of art on it. I want to know before i start. Thanks in advance.
<p>I really like your point of writing what you want engraved first on the lighter. I know when I have tried to do some engravings by sight, I've always made subtle mistakes that I notice forever. I never thought about writing on it first with something you can erase to make sure you do the same thing every time. http://www.apogeesigns.com/services/engraving/</p>
Can someone add a link to where i can buy this engraver? (for around 10 bucks) it would be greatly appreciated
Turn out well. Good is an adjective - well is an adverb.
<br> Would<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Etching-On-Tin-Using-Crayon-Technique/" rel="nofollow"> this</a> way work too?<br>
it probably would work. A Zippo is made of a case of brass, coated in nickle and chrome so it probably would work

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