Picture of How to custom paint a Nerf Maverick
Hello my name is FXAscensionz and I thought i would show how I custom painted my nerf guns.
Lets start of with something smaller, The Nerf Maverick. I chose a battle- damaged black and silver but feel free to use any colour that suits you. Lets Get Started!

Step 1: Gathering Equipment

Picture of Gathering Equipment
You Will Need:

A Nerf Maverick (obviously)
A Phillips Head Screwdriver
Sandpaper (optional)
A Can of Plastic Primer
A Can of Black Paint
A Can of Silver Paint
And Patience

nerf lover 2 years ago
Hi can i paint my nerf with acrylic paint??
This was really helpful! Thanks for the straightforward guide :)
FXAscensionz (author)  bagelbyheart2 years ago
No problem I'm glad you enjoyed it :D
shandani2 years ago
I like this, will be trying it later. Like you I am in the UK, technically it is illegal to make anything that could be mistaken for a real gun (I'm a lawyer and just got a colleague of mine to check), but I wouldn't be too concerned as you don't take it outside.

Anyway, I am thinking of a similar colour scheme to yours but perhaps with some drybrushing on the silver to make it look dirtier.
Ojsmudge3 years ago
nice i painted mine in the same colour scheme but with a few bits of green in the indented lines around the release button and where the slide is
You know it's illegal to paint the tip of a nerf gun black, right?
yes, of course. im going to go rob a bank with this. i will get "did you get that of hellboy or something?"
FXAscensionz (author)  SteampunkManiac4 years ago
The rules are different in the UK
nerf-freak3 years ago
thanks now my maverick, which i modded to shoot 3 times as far now looks awsome, except i couldnt put it back together, have to try again. thanx though
FXAscensionz (author)  nerf-freak3 years ago
no problem im glad you enojyed the instructable
nerf-freak3 years ago
black and gold looks awsome if ya wanna try it
just a little note, add some orange, you do not want to go outside with it and get shot because someone thinks its real
FXAscensionz (author)  darknessfalls4 years ago
Hi thanks for the advice but I live in te UK and I don't take the gun anywhere outside my property
Echosi4 years ago
Good job, I really like the worn look you gave it.
Instead of using Plastic Primer, you can also use spray paint made for plastic (Krylon and Rustoleum both have them, though there are very few colors to choose from). Also I was told that it is better to add a layer of clear coat/varnish to seal your paint job (especially if you want to use acrylic paint for detailing).
FXAscensionz (author)  Echosi4 years ago
Thank you for the advice I really appreciate the feedback!