Picture of How to custom tablet car dock for under 15 bucks
I recently received an Asus Transformer tablet for Christmas and wanted to be able to use it in my truck for music, GPS etc. After shopping online for a while I was unable to find a car dock that was reasonably priced and that could be mounted in place of my old CarPC that i haven't used for months. I finally came to the conclusion that I would have to build my own dock in order to fit my needs.

Although this tutorial is based around the Asus Transformer tablet, it can be applied to any tablet and smart phone with ease. Also this was installed in a 1996 Dodge Ram pickup so the way I decided to mount the dock might not apply to your vehicle, but I'm sure you can come up with a clever way to adapt it to your car.

Items you'll need:

A wire coat hanger
Some aluminum sheet metal
JB Weld (And mixing dish and mixing stick) 
Tin snips
Two bolts, nuts, lockwasher\
Two self tapping screws
90 degree angle bracket
Philips head screwdriver
Heat gun / lighter
Heat shrink tubing large enough for the coat hanger wire

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Step 1: Cut aluminum to size

Picture of Cut aluminum to size
First take your hanger and cut off as much as the bottom portion as you can using the cutting portion of the pliers (if equipped, otherwise use your tin snips or diagonal cutters). This will be used for the bottom support bracket of the tablet dock. 
awhitehouse19 months ago

Great idea, and cost-effective. However, I would also recommend putting the heat shrink tubing (or other materials) over the wire that rubs against the front of the tablet to prevent wear and tear on the screen.

livedog1 year ago
Nice work here - did this and it's working well!
I'm going to try this great alternative to hacking and cutting current radio out great 'iable!