How to Customize Your Airsoft Helmet for Airsoft or Halloween





Introduction: How to Customize Your Airsoft Helmet for Airsoft or Halloween

About: Im a dude who does stuff

I was inspired to do this from watching Stanley Kubricks, Full Metal Jacket.
I got some stuff to represent me some bullets paper and pencil (I write alot) and a card for ace.

Step 1: Step 1 : Gathering Items

You'll need..

•A airsoft helmet or a real tactical helmet
•Stuff to describe you
  (the stuff i said in the intro is what im using)
•A helmet strap or a long black hair band

Step 2: Step 2 : the Strap

Add the strap to the helmet its a little hard for me because i dont have a legit strap.

Step 3: Step 3 : Adding the Thin Pieces

Add your card paper or gumsticks w/e.

Step 4: Step 4 : Add Thick Stuff

Now add your thick stuff (bullets, magazines, pencil)

Step 5: Step 5 : Wear It

Wear it for halloween or airsoft!



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    I take it those are live bullets and shells?! What if one slipped sideways and a BB hit it perfectly... Say, in the primer?

    5 replies

    Yes, they are but this one is for halloween not intended for airsoft
    i know its dangerous but i have fake airsoft bullets around...

    Or if he fell on the shotgun shells. The pressure could be enough to set one off. Please, for your own safety, go out and buy some fake shells.

    Yeah i agree. Or put a velcro patch on your helmet and put a shell holder on then. But PLEASE DONT USE REAL SHELLS.

    True also. He could be a lucky one though... A shell that has a bad primer... like a 1 in 20000 chance.

    I concur with the previous comments, the live ammunition could be easily set off by mid to high velocity bbs. If you would like to still have the look of live ammunition apposed to blanks, I would suggest taking the rounds to a trusted hand loader and removing all volitile components of the rounds and have them re clamp the bullet to the casing.

    Where do you get one of those airsoft helmets? they would be awesome for an airsoft war

    Just curious, do people laugh at you when they see it?

    Ehhh, would have been a useful 'ible if you had included making look-alike shells/bullets and a paint job for the helmet.

    You should make a camouflaged army helmet and put "Born to Kill" on the front, and put a peace sign on the side! Just like the movie!

    hahaha i have a pretty gruesome joker card in a helmet i bought a few years back, in honor of Pvt, Joker from FMJ! also had a peace button on the back of it.

    i wish i had it with me now =)