How to Customize Your Desktop to Iron Man Jarvis Interface





Introduction: How to Customize Your Desktop to Iron Man Jarvis Interface

This tutorial is on customizing your desktop to iron man jarvis interface is very easy!!!

Step 1: Downloading Rainmeter

Download Rainmeter app for windows from its official site-

After downloading the Rainmeter app....install it.

Step 2: Downloading Background Image and Theme

Now download the desktop background image and iron man theme from here-



After the download is complete set the image as desktop background and double click on S.H.I.E.L.D file to install it on rainmeter.....

Step 3: Customizing

You can now set the layouts according to the background image.....
You can change the shortcuts, paths and icons from OPTIONS layout/skin....
For better effects.....hide your desktop icons.....right click on desktop screen, select view, and uncheck-Show desktop icon...
Similarly, right click on taskbar and click properties and check- Auto hide taskbar..

You are done!!!!


  • this is awesome-Kidhacker

    Kidhacker made it!


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I really like it bro tnx for sharing :)

once you have done all the steps,how you get rid of the options screen?

Just right click on the option skin and select unload skin.

finding this type of custom dextop, and my search is over. thank you very very much.

I cant use the last link for the iron man screen