Picture of How to cut a Kiwi Fruit
I've figured out the way to cut kiwi and am sharing it with the world.

Step 1: Cut the top off

Picture of cut the top off
Cut the top off and then cut a slice off
Sorry, a cleaner and safer way is to cut the ends off then slide a spoon in just under the skin, rotate the edge of the spoon until the fruit slides out nice and smooth.
dfschro (author)  The Miserablist6 years ago
I've tried it that way and my studies have found that this yields 10% less fruit. Also. If you want slices, the method you describe will require using a knife and touching the extracted fruit which can get messy. Please use the preferred method.
hedgiehog8 years ago
golden kiwi's are the best. My grocery store only has em for 2 weeks a year. good instructable.
lemonie8 years ago
This doesn't say much. I eat the skin, it has flavour...
I have no problems with the skins just my friend said it looked like a hairy nut so i lost interest
cold_fusion8 years ago
You guy eat the skin?! What are you, nuts? Anyway......Kiwi is also a flight-less bird native to our fair land, evey time an american refers to kiwi fruit as "kiwi" I picture them hunting down our defence-less national icon. Yes defence-less like our country :-P
I'm glad to see you called it "How to cut a Kiwi Fruit", as opposed to cutting a kiwi, which would be funny to see, as a kiwi is a person from New Zealand.
Good to hear I'm not the only person who eats the skin.
0.775volts8 years ago
Kiwi skin is one of the worst possible aspects of the fruit, all those little hairs, it's like biting a tennis ball. Good instructable, I may actually start buying kiwi's again after this one.
I just love kiwis. I get a napkin, cut the kiwi in half and scoop out delicous spoonfulls of the flesh. Juice all over the place? That's what your tongue is for baby!
redgren8 years ago
I just eat 'em like an apple, skin and all.
Shifman8 years ago
Hope it works darn kiwis getin juice al over the place