Picture of How to cut a MOHAWK hairdoo... and how to dye that bad boy!
This Instructable will give the tips and tricks to cutting a real Mohawk. This is guaranteed to produce the meanest looking mohawk on the block. We even show you how to apply hair dye to the finished product. This isn't your salon type of haircut... this is a no frills get it done and the girls stay inside version. Lets get going!

Step 1: Your tools

Picture of your tools
grab your swivel chair from your hot rod shop and plug in your cheap walmart razor. Do this out side as hair will be flying everywhere...
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mohawks are to be a minimum of one foot high

So is Rhubarb!
i laughed so hard at some of the comments you made.
"put a cape on the subject, then immediately rip it off and throw it aside. that stuff is for girls."
Harlzter6 years ago
Great stuff, gonna have to let my hair grow so I can do this, I'll be going for a bolder colour tho! T1zzl3 flaged too.
fatguy (author)  Harlzter6 years ago
we were gunna do pink but couldnt find it :)
well, you would have to pre-lighten the hair to deposit pink color anyway. ;D
codongolev5 years ago
um.... congrats on keeping the photo hidden. the internet is a great hiding spot.
GianniMora5 years ago
D: You made it way too thin.
helloworld16 years ago
this can't be a mohawk can it? mohawks are at least 1inch thick and don't taper to a point (that is if im right) and mohekans ar thinner and taper to a point
http://s40.photobucket.com/albums/e222/ParaKissFashionista/?action=view&current=KB.jpgHere's a hawk for ya! I cut/coloured/maintained this guys hair for a couple of years until he decided to start fresh. (Punk Parlor is just what friends referred to my living space as because that's where I did hair.)
WOWee! now thats a mohawk!
:D I'm proud of my work
hah you should be! :P
I just rated you life 1 star.
rustlabs6 years ago
i miss my mohawk..
nice abbs. killer hair! :P
mohawks are coming back in but speedos r always out!!!
fatguy (author)  rustlabs6 years ago
thats what we are trying to get. nice!!!
jackm71276 years ago
son...i am disappoint
veggiepunk6 years ago
nice. use bobbles, and shave down the sides, next time cut it a little wider and you should have more surport to get a big PHat mohawk backcomb the hell out of it and water down some woodglue/pva glue depending on how much you use it can lasts for days, use a comb to "fan" if you still struggle to keep it up use an iron/straightners/hairdryer with your head between your legs lol
edfel016 years ago
ya i got a fohawk and got it green its cool bc it glows orange under a blacklight but i have to cut it off for school
OBar6 years ago
Just say no to the "Faux-Hawk"
OBar6 years ago
Wow, the eighties are coming back! now my mullet will be back in style soon...Oh, nevermind those will never be back in style...hehe
that's not dye... it's bleach.
zuegma19776 years ago
Dont be afraid of color.....
tednet6 years ago
Nice hair dude :) Careful with skinheads though. I almost got beaten to death by them because I had long hair, I can't imagine what they would have done to me if I had a mohawk ;(
probably nothing. a hawk is better than being a hair-farmer
hobithole6 years ago
Way to go Frank, I couldn't have done it better. It's a tricky haircut. Muriel
pjaj6 years ago
an old skool punk friend used to use soap, lather it up good, and rub it through, then dry in place
Yay for hair cement!
fatguy (author) 6 years ago
dont forget to use sun block
hellstudios6 years ago
I used to have a mohawk until it got so long that it just flopped over into a manson style doo......making me look gothic... that was when I decided to grow long hair.
mine did that, I had one for like a week...it was too long...and red :D
there we go...that was an interesting week, cause my hair used to be like the other pic
DSCN2868.JPGDSC_0045 (2).jpg
Im taking about..... twice that length. that even the strongest gel wouldn't hold it up. I have thick hair anyway.
Great Looking Doooo!
fatguy (author)  VICKIBALLARD6 years ago
thanks. now you can call me roo. (for rooster)
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