How to Cut a Mango & Eat It in 1 Minute




Introduction: How to Cut a Mango & Eat It in 1 Minute

You don't have to peel the skin off and you don't have to waste any of the 'meat'.
Cut around the mango lengthwise, twist, spoon out the seed, and eat!

Step 1: Cut Mango

Step one: The mango should be half-ripe or ripe.
Use a knife to cut it all around, lengthwise, like an avocado.

Step 2: Twist

Step 2: Place a hand on each 2 sides of the mango (Photo shows only 1 hand; needed the
other hand to click the camera).
Twist in opposite directions, like an avocado. Don't squeeze the mango too hard.

Step 3: 2 Halves-dig Out the Seed

Step 3: Wow! you've got 2 halves.
Use a spoon to dig out the seed.

Step 4: Eat It With a Spoon

Step 4: Use that same spoon to dig in-enjoy !
You can share the other half with someone you love, or....

Step 5: Cut It Up to Share

Step 5: Cut each half once again, so you have 4 pieces.
Pare off the skin. You can cut the pieces into smaller pieces-put in a bowl to share.



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