How to Cut a Watermelon Into Half With a Coin





Introduction: How to Cut a Watermelon Into Half With a Coin

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This is not the easiest way to cut a watermelon into half but it's so funny!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

You can do this way if you can't find a knife!

Step 2: #1

Take a coin and scratch around the watermelon rind.

Try to use a big and narrow coin!

Step 3: #2

Hit it on the scratched line with your hand, hammer, log etc.

DIY Watermelon Stress Ball :)

Step 4: The End

That was a little bit hard to cut all around but i like the idea and the result :)

That's the ShiftyWay

Step 5: Don't Forget to Check Out the Video!

As always thanks for your support!

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    try a buzz saw

    You do realise that coins are some the the dirtiest objects in the world?

    Cool intructable! You can also do this with any plastic card you happen
    to have in your wallet (think of customer loyalty cards, credit cards
    etc.) I thought of this when I was in Madrid a couple of years back and
    found myself with a wedge of water melon, but without a knife.


    Thank you for sharing this it is nice to know there are easy solutions I would not have thought of this so I appreciate all the work you did in placing these instructions..

    A coin is kind of small. Lottsa work.

    How about a hub cap?

    Thanks :) it's worth to try ;)

    Nice! I know an easier way. Hold melon at arms length, drop.

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    Good for you ;)

    show me wut u make bra