Introduction: How to Cut an Onion Like a Chef!

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Learn how to cut an onion like a real chef without cutting one of your fingers!

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1.Cut off both ends of the onion. Leave the root intact, only remove the hairy root part.

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2. Peel onion and cut in half (see picture).

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3. Take one half of onion and place cut side down. Press the top of your left palm (or right palm if you are left handed) on the onion and slowly cut into the onion starting on the opposite end of the root.  Make cuts parallel to the cutting board about 1 centimeter apart. Do not cut all the way through the root.

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4. Using the same onion, place your fingers at the root end to hold the onion still.  Slowly make cuts perpendicular to the cutting board about one centimeter apart. You should have about 4 to 5 cuts. Make sure not to cut through the end with the root.

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5. Finally, starting at the opposite end of the root, cut parallel to the root. Make about 4 to 5 cuts about 1 centimeter apart. Viola! You have a perfectly diced onion! You can do this with garlic and shallots too.


scoochmaroo (author)2011-03-09
This is exactly how I learned in culinary class, minus two things:
  • Use a bigger knife!
  • Keep those fingers tucked out of the way, and rest the edge of your chef's knife against your knuckle as you make the slices.  That way you are never in danger of cutting yourself.
Beautiful pictures!
bigmama1079 (author)2011-03-08

Actually, real chefs have their sous chefs cut the onions for them. In all seriousness though, some would argue that this is an amateurish way to cut an onion, but I still think it's the best for making a small, uniform dice. Thanks for sharing!

morfmir (author)2011-03-08

This is how I do

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