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In this Instructable, you will learn how to easily cut and strip heavy gauge wire, without using heavy duty or professional tools. Sorry about some of the images' quality. My camera was not behaving.

Step 1: Tools

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In the image are the tools you may need. Hover over the yellow boxes for more info.
Redstormx13 years ago
IF you dont know how to strip wire this big why are you playing with it ?

EXACTLY!! But anyone in South Florida, please do anyway. I get paid even more money when I have to come in and fix some DIY'er "handyman" work who thought he could play electrician

Prfesser3 years ago
Wire over 10 ga can often be difficult to strip. Do be careful not to nick the individual wires in the process, else you may have created a place for breakage to occur.

Use a cigarette lighter and a glove and you can strip any size wire with eaze

mefromliny3 years ago
Cutting a wire is actually a very simple thing to do, but I learned a thing ar two from your Instructable. VERY well put together! Thanks for posting it. Ken
texabyte3 years ago
I've cut 6 gauge wire with a good pair of Klein diagonal cutters. Anything Over that, I use a pair of small bolt cutters.
pfred23 years ago
I have SPEEDEX, Ideal T Strippers, and spring loaded spin style coax strippers with custom dies, but sometimes sharp scissors are my tool of choice. Though if I'm stripping a lot of the same wire I will setup my coax stripper.