Step 2: Get your coins and start cutting

Picture of get your coins and start cutting
for this instructable i used an Egyptian coin (50 piasters modern)  i brought with me from home
- use a center punch to mark where your holes are going to be that's very important because the drill bit tends to wander off and scratch your coin surface for ever
- drill the holes  i use a flex shaft with assortment of fine drill bits ranging from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm depends on the coin design
- now use a jeweler's saw with fine blades to cut the coins mainly you would use a 0/4 swiss blades but depends on the level of details in the coin and the material of the coin some coins are copper or silver or brass some are steel and alloys of different kinds
don't worry the blades will cut through anything  so for starter just stick to 0/4 will get you through most coins just fine
-  now i won't tell you how to cut there are instructables that teaches you that and first of all you have to experience it yourself and practice it to learn how so just start and do it and you will learn after breaking so many blades and using so many curse words and injuring yourself couple of times (all depends on your temper really)