I did this at TechShop Menlo Park.

A large chunk of microcrystalline wax is not easily cut or broken. We had to get creative with the solution.
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Step 1: Tried using a saw

Picture of Tried using a saw
And it gummed up the blade right away.

Step 2: Introduce electrical heat

Picture of Introduce electrical heat
We figured we would use a car battery charger to introduce heat to the blade.

Step 3: Charged saw

Picture of Charged saw
It worked for a second but didn't get too far. Maybe because the blade surface being too big to send an even charge.

Step 4: Wire cutter

Picture of Wire cutter
Using conductive copper wire and two sticks of wood we created a cutter. It didn't work by itself but charging it helped.

Step 5: Cut

Picture of Cut
Electricity provided heat for the wire which cut through the wax nicely and easily!

Step 6: Chunks of wax

Picture of Chunks of wax
The smaller chunks of wax are much easier to work with. I am using them for lost wax casting.