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You have a row of break-away pin headers for your electronics project, and you need to cut off a few so that they'll fit in your project's circuit board. I'll show you how to successfully get a nice cut.

Step 1: Sacrifice a header and pull its pin

Picture of Sacrifice a header and pull its pin
Count off the number of headers you need, then count one more. You'll sacrifice one header in order to avoid the risk of shearing the insulation off a header you want to keep.

Use pliers to pull the pin out of the sacrificial header.
mtdna2 months ago

I've tried this before without luck, but your instruction to pull the pin did the trick!

GirlWritesCode (author)  mtdna2 months ago
Oh hooray! Thanks for taking the time to say so.
su_dev3 months ago

Thank you very much..