Have you ever had to turn a small piece on the lathe and it just won't stay put??

Trying to turn something small and slippery on the lathe can be especially frustrating when centerdrilling or boring because applying any amount of pressure causes the piece to slide deeper into the chuck instead of staying put. If you don't have a chuck spider, then you're kinda out of luck...

HOWEVER, there is a quick fix to this problem. Check it out!

Step 1: Examine the Lathe

Check inside the throat of the chuck...

You'll notice that there is significant space between the jaws of the chuck and the back wall of the throat.

This is kind of a problem when you are trying to drill small pieces because there is nothing stopping them from sliding back there.

You'll also notice a shaft that goes clean through the lathe and out the other side. We'll come back to that...
Good point, thanks for the tip ironsmiter!
Nice solution. <br><br>Another option is to use a chuck spider

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