Pineapple: pokey. mysterious. delicious. And remarkably easy to dismantle once you know how.

I'm going to teach you the ways of picking the right pineapple and cutting it into bite size pieces. :)

Step 1: How to find the right one.

Step one: Smell.
A pineapple should smell like a pineapple.

Step two: Pull.
The very inner leaves on top should come out easily if you've chosen a ripe one. Grab one and pull. Comes out easy? You're good to go! Doesn't come out at all? Probably not your best bet.

Step three: Firmness.
Make sure the pineapple is firm, not squishy. Squishy means it's overripe or has been manhandled by tons of people that don't know how to figure out if it's ripe and now it's bruised. Not good. :(
eyes are for the blender =)
I'm just about to start cutting up my very first pineapple! I've cleaned up my counter surface, got out my cutting board, and grabbed the pineapple! I did all the preliminary things you suggested to see if it's a good pineapple, even though I didn't choose this one, it was a gift. Great news, it smells wonderful, the inner leaf came out easily and it's nice and firm! Perfect!<br>Let the cutting begin!<br>Thanks for such a helpful 'ible!
...and don't forget to plant the top!
I totally forgot! Now I want to go buy another one. :D<br><br>And in case anyone else is interested: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Grow-Pineapples/
I like to leave the top on until after I cut all the sides off, that way I have a handle for keeping it upright while I cut the sides. It also puts off the sticky fingers for a while longer (I can grab the top, instead of holding the cut sides/top).
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Heres a suggestion for the left over bits (like the sides): Just take them in your hands and Squeeze very hard over a glass. Repeat with all sides (and Bottom or any extra bits). You get a Fair amount of Juice from the leftovers, then you can compost the left overs.

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